Maintenance and repair of existing sidewalk within the County rights-of-way is the responsibility of the Department of Public Works. The County will respond to reports of vertical faulting or sidewalk deficiencies and will perform localized wedging or grinding. Total replacement of the sidewalk is dependent upon the severity of the problem and available funding.

As a homeowner, guaranteeing the safety of your sidewalk should be a top priority. Eliminate any slipping hazards such as discharge of water from sump pumps onto the sidewalk, removal of leaves from sidewalks, and removal of snow from sidewalks. Using the sidewalk for vehicle traffic or parking is not recommended as it can damage the sidewalk.  Be careful when planting vegetation near the sidewalk as roots can cause vertical faulting or heaved conditions.  For tips on how to prolong the life of your sidewalk from winter weather, please view our information on how to protect your sidewalk.

Construction of new sidewalks in a residential or commercial subdivision generally is accomplished either by the developer of the subdivision or commercial site development plan, or the County's Capital Improvement Program (CIP). A “capital” project involves a physical improvement to public property.

Citizen requests for construction of new sidewalks in the public right of way may be submitted to the Office of Transportation, 2664 Riva Road, Annapolis, Maryland 21401, telephone 410-222-7440.

You can submit your request from a mobile device.

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Requests for repair of sidewalks should be directed to the appropriate Road District.   A supervisor will investigate your concern and respond to you within one week (one day if it is a hazard) to advise you of a schedule for any needed work. 

Lookup up the Road District where the issue is located using the tool below for contact information. 

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