Report potholes found on County roads. The Bureau of Highways will respond/repair the pothole within 2 business days.

What is a Pothole?

A pothole is a type of damage in the surface of the roadway where a portion of the road pavement has cracked and broken away, leaving a hole.

What Causes a Pothole?

Street pavement cracks and breaks because of water and traffic. Water can get under the pavement through cracks or from the side of the road. Over time, the water can cause the material under the pavement to erode, causing the pavement to sink down and break. During the winter, the water under the pavement can freeze and expand, and then thaws and contracts. This freeze/thaw cycle can cause the pavement to crack so that it deteriorates quickly under the weight of traffic, and then streets can seem to break out in potholes overnight.

Traffic that is too heavy for the pavement's design can result in cracks. Large volumes of traffic or heavy trucks and buses using a street not designed for this load can cause the pavement to crack and break apart.

How Are Potholes Repaired?

During cold weather, permanent patching cannot occur. Temporary patching is done using cold mix asphalt. Cold mix is less expensive, easier to use and can be stockpiled. This method can be performed in the most harsh of winter months and then can be scheduled for permanent patching later in the year.
Permanent patching is used where a long lasting repair is required. Often times, the road surface must be cut away, the road base replaced, and new hot mix asphalt installed. The preferred months to perform permanent patching activities are from April to November due to hot mix asphalt temperature requirements and availability.

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