Roadside Mowing, Brush Cutting, and Herbicide Application

Roadside Mowing

Mowing vegetation along County-maintained roadways is completed as programmed maintenance during the mowing season, usually from April to October. The County mows along the sides of approximately 15% of county roads in cycles an average of 2 to 4 times per year. Approximately 700 miles of grass is mowed every year. Mowing operations are performed primarily using tractor-driven mowers. Depending on the character and specific conditions of the area to be mowed additional equipment, such as push mowers, walk-behind units and string trimmers, is used. In order to meet the demand for this service, inmate labor is often used to operate this non-motorized equipment.

We thank our citizens and businesses adjacent to public roads for their care and upkeep of grass planting strips and other roadside property that requires routine mowing.

Brush Cutting

To eliminate safety hazards and impediments to visibility caused by the encroachment of heavy vegetation along County-maintained roadways, the Bureau utilizes power or hand tools for cutting or trimming brush, branches, or small trees within the County right-of-way.

This activity is usually scheduled during cool weather (November to March) in anticipation of the spring/summer growing season. However, if a safety hazard or emergency situation exists, work is performed as soon as possible.

Herbicide Application

Herbicide spraying along guardrails, median and channelization islands, and other areas impractical to mow is performed by vendors under contract for the Bureau of Highways. Application cycles are typically performed early in the spring and again in the summer/fall as necessary.

To request to have county assets or the public rights of way along your property or community frontage excluded from herbicide application, use the Submit a Request tool below.

Web Map

The Bureau of Highways has developed an interactive web mapping application to assist you in exploring which roads and guardrails are included or excluded from the Roadside Mowing, Brush Cutting, and Herbicide Application programs. Note: the extent identified on the map is representative and is not intended to show the exact limits where these services are performed along the roadway, but rather the overall limits within which these services may be performed. You can use your web-browser to access this map. Supported web browsers include Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari.


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The Bureau advises property managers, homeowners and community associations to avoid installing plantings in the public right-of-way as this may be subject to excavation, roadside mowing, brush cutting or herbicide spraying.

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Additionally, to request service where not currently provided or to request to be excluded from service where currently provided, please use the Submit a Request tool below.

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