Mowing vegetation along County-maintained roadways is completed as programmed maintenance during the mowing season, usually from April to October. View a list of road segments included in the program for routine mowing. The County mows along the sides of approximately 15% of county roads.
We thank our citizens and businesses adjacent to public roads for their care and upkeep of grass planting strips and other roadside property that requires routine mowing.
Along the listed road segments we complete the mowing cycle an average of 2 to 4 times per year. Approximately 700 miles of grass is mowed every year. Mowing operations are performed primarily using tractor-driven mowers. Depending on the character and specific conditions of the area to be mowed additional equipment, such as push mowers, walk-behind units and string trimmers, is used. In order to meet the demand for this service, inmate labor is often used to operate this non-motorized equipment.
The Bureau advises property managers, homeowners and community associations to avoid installing plantings in the public right-of-way as this may be subject to excavation, roadside mowing, brush cutting or herbicide spraying.
If this webpage does not answer your questions about routine roadside mowing, please contact the appropriate road district.

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