Design & Construction Standards - 2001

Procedures, standards, and criteria to be used by all design professionals in the preparation of designs requiring the approval of the Anne Arundel County Departments of Public Works and other county agencies.

Design Manual

Chapter I - General Instructions

Chapter II - ROW, Easement, Fee Simple, Acquisitions and Surveys

Chapter III - Roads and Streets

Chapter IV - Bridges, Culverts and Retaining Walls

Chapter V - Storm Drains 

Chapter VI - Stormwater Management (Under Development: See Practices and Procedures Manual) 

Chapter VII - Sanitary Sewers 

Chapter VIII - Sewage Pumping Stations 

Chapter IX - Water Mains and Related Facilities 

Chapter X - Landscaping 

Chapter XI - Buildings-General 

Chapter XII - Permits 

Supplement to the Design Manual

Standard Details for Construction

Standard Specifications for Construction

Part I - General Provisions

Part II - Technical Requirements

Subsurface Exploration

Surface Preparation


Erosion Control

Drainage Facilities

Water Facilities

Sanitary Sewer Facilities


Base Courses

Bituminous Pavements

Portland Cement Concrete Pavements

Roadside and Site Improvements

Traffic Control Facilities

Electrical Facilities

Traffic Signals



Landscaping Topsoil

Boring, Jacking and Tunneling

Fixed Price Contingent Items