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Roadside Maintenance

Roadside maintenance is performed by our three Road Districts and consists of the following services:

Image Service Description
Cutting or trimming brush, branches or small trees within the County right-of -way
Minor repair of curb and gutter along County-maintained streets. If the repairs required warrant curb/gutter replacement, the request is prioritized based on the severity of the problem.
If debris from an eviction is left in the County’s right-of-way for longer than 48 hours, we will arrange for removal of the debris in accordance with Article 13, Section 1-106, of the Anne Arundel County Code.
Repair of guardrail along County-maintained roads.
Help keep ditches and curblines free of leaves.
Help keep roadways, stormwater inlets and ditches free of litter and debris. Litter and debris is picked up along all County-maintained roadways
Cutting grass/weeds in the County right-of-way or on County-owned lots.
Putting road shoulders back on grade so that water drains properly along the County right-of-way.
The maintenance and repair of sidewalks is the responsibility of the property owner in accordance with Article 13, Section 2-205, of the Anne ArundelCounty Code. The County will only repair sidewalks that have been damaged by the County.
DPW is one of several agencies that provides debris clearing service to citizens following unusual weather events.
Trimming trees in the County right-of-way.
Overgrown Grass/noxious weeds on private property.


To request any of these services, please contact the appropriate road district. The road districts are open from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. For after hours emergencies, please call (410) 222-6120 for all road districts.


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