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Many parks throughout Anne Arundel County offer pier or shoreline fishing. All statewide regulations and license requirements apply.

Rules & Regulations

Fishing in the parks is regulated by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. A Chesapeake Bay Sportfishing License is required for fishing in tidal waters. A Maryland Freshwater fishing License is required for fishing in non-tidal waters. A fishing license may be obtained at most local bait and tackle shops.

Visit Maryland Fishing Regulations for current info on state fishing regulations. In addition some of the Anne Arundel County Park facilities require permits or fee for entry, or may have special catch and release areas. More info is provided in the listing for the individual facility. Anne Arundel County Park Rangers patrol the park facilities.

Fisherman's Code

  • Keep only the fished needed and within creel and size limits.
  • Do not pollute - Properly dispose of trash. Mono fishing line can be a disaster for wildlife. 
  • Sharpen angling and boating skills.
  • Observe angling and boating safety regulations.
  • Respect other anglers' rights.
  • Observe park rules and regulations and respect private property owners' rights.
  • Pass on knowledge and angling skills. Take a kid fishing!!
  • Support local conservation efforts.
  • Never stock fish or plants into public water.
  • Promote the sport of angling.
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service reminds anglers not to throw unwanted items overboard. 

While more than 400,000 anglers fish the Chesapeake Bay each spring and summer, approximately 3,600 pairs of osprey are busy building nests and rearing young. Ospreys line their nests with both natural and man made materials. Adult birds and their young have been found entangled in fishing line and impaled with hooks. Anglers can reduce injuries or deaths to osprey and other wildlife by simply disposing their broken lines, lures and hooks in trash containers. 


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