Lasting Gift Program

The Lasting Gift Program is a wonderful way to pay tribute to someone or an occasion that has touched your life. These gifts of today will remain treasures for tomorrow.

The Lasting Gift program offers the opportunity to select designated options to celebrate life by enhancing parklands through sponsorship of a lasting gift. Through stewardship, you can feel satisfied that your gift will acknowledge a special person or occasion while helping to enhance conservation within our parks and along our trails.

Lasting Gift Program are administered by each Friends Groups and are tax-deductible. 

To donate a Lasting Gift, please use the following guidelines:

Apply through a recognized Friends organization. 

  • The Lasting Gift Program is administered by the Friends Groups and are tax-deductible.
  • The Friends organization will acknowledge your memorial donations on their letterhead for your tax records.
  • The appropriate Park Superintendent must approve all memorials in advance. 
  • The appropriate Park Superintendent will approve all gift site locations before installation. 
  • The appropriate Park Superintendent and Friends organization will facilitate the purchase of approved gifts and oversee installation. 
  • No signage is permitted in the parks. 
  • Benches may have a small plaque installed on the bench and trees will be provided with an appropriate tag. 
  • While we will take reasonable care of trees and memorials we do not guarantee that trees and plants will survive for any specified length of time. Private horticultural care (spraying, pruning, etc.) will not be allowed; the park staff will provide all maintenance.
  • Donor will be notified in the event that the memorial has to be removed for any reason and will be offered the opportunity to replace it. 

Honor a person, memorialize a family member or colleague, celebrate a special event, commemorate a special event or leave a legacy for generations to come with a lasting gift.

Check with each Friends organization to see what Lasting Gift options are available.

Grey bench next to paved trail