Business Recycling

By recycling, you send a message to your customers and your employees that your business cares about the community. No Anne Arundel County business is too big or too small to start recycling!

Recycling at Work (printable brochure)


Potential Cost Savings

Implementing a recycling program at your business will reduce the amount of trash being placed in your dumpster. Two ways you can potentially reduce your costs are to reduce collection frequency and decrease dumpster size. In certain cases, you may earn revenue from recycled materials.

Preserve Natural Resources

Recycling conserves natural resources, saves money and energy and reduces greenhouse gases.
Options for businesses to recycle in Anne Arundel County:
  • Community Drop-off Sites
    • Businesses in Anne Arundel County can drop off an unlimited amount of paper, plastic, metal and glass at any of our Recycling Centers.  Businesses may also bring unlimited amounts of cardboard, free of charge, to the Cardboard Recovery Building located at the Millersville Landfill and Resource Recovercy Facility.
    • Note: Proof that the recycling was generated from a business in Anne Arundel County is required (commercial vehicle registered in Anne Arundel County or a vehicle with commercial logos.) 
  • Curbside Recycling Only Collection at Your Business
    • A new program to help small businesses recycle was established in July 2008. If your business is interested in having curbside recycling only collection, contact the Recycling Division at 410-222-7951 to discuss your collection options and details of the County’s Small Business Recycling Program.
  • Private Hauler Recycling Collection
    • Some businesses may find it in their best interests to obtain recycling services from a private hauler. Contact your current trash hauler to setup a recycling program as most can also provide recycling services. If your current refuse hauler cannot provide recycling services contact the Anne Arundel County Recycling Division for a list of private haulers that offer recycling services or visit
  • Contact a Business Specializing in Recycling Collections
    • There are some businesses that just provide recycling services (not trash collection). Some companies only have drop-off capabilities, while others offer on-site collection. Visit for more information.

Commercial Customers are welcome at the Millersville Landfill and Resource Recovery Facility. Waste Management Services provides a comprehensive system of municipal solid waste collection, recycling, disposal, and related services to the citizens, businesses, and institutions of Anne Arundel County. The County does not accept any material generated outside of Anne Arundel County.

We can only accept trash generated in Anne Arundel County, and verify residency by checking driver's licenses. Commercially marked or registered vehicles must use the Millersville landfill and are subject to a tipping fee charged by the ton. Vehicle registration will be checked upon entrance.
The Millersville Landfill and Resource Recovery Facility is the only facility equipped to accept payment, so customers who must pay are directed there. For the convenience of all of our customers, stickers can be obtained to avoid future driver's license and registration checks.
However, businesses may drop off an unlimited amount of paper, plastic, metal, and glass at one of our Recycling Centers at no charge.
Customers that will be charged a per ton fee based on the Fee Schedule include:
  • Any user delivering trash in a commercially registered vehicle or with permanent or detachable commercial logos or markings
  • Anyone delivering trash with a:
    • Double axle vehicle
    • Rental truck or trailer
    • Dump truck
    • Flatbed truck

Starting in October 2021, property owners or managers of office buildings that have 150,000 square feet or greater of office space are required to provide separate collection of recyclable materials as required by Senate Bill 370. At a minimum, recycling programs must provide the necessary services to collect, store, and deliver to market recyclable plastic, metal, paper, and cardboard materials.

Please complete the registration form and send back to the Anne Arundel County Recycling Division to show compliance with this legislation.
Additionally, details of the on-site trash and recycling programs must be reported to the County on an annual basis, beginning with calendar year 2021. The Annual Reporting Form will be automatically sent to the email address provided on the registration form.