Scrap Tires

Scrap tires are any tire or part of a tire that no longer is suitable for its original intended purpose by virtue of wear, damage, or defect.

Anne Arundel County residents may deliver only on-the-road (passenger and light truck tires) to Waste Management Services (WMS) facilities. WMS Recycling Centers will accept four (4) or fewer tires at no charge from residents. For quantities in excess of four (4) tires, residents will be directed to the Millersville Landfill & Resource Recovery Facility. A fee of $7.00 per each additional tire will be charged.

Anne Arundel County businesses may deliver on-the-road tires to the Millersville Landfill and Resource Recovery Facility. They will be charged a fee of $200.00/ton. This rate changes in response to the cost the County pays for tire handling. Please call (410) 222-6108 to request the current charge for tires.

Many tire dealers and automotive repair facilities are licensed and regulated by the Maryland Department of Environment to handle scrap tires. These facilities will accept used tires upon the purchase of new tires for a fee. This will ensure that the tires are properly disposed of or recycled. 

There are also a number of licensed collection and processing facilities that will accept scrap tires for recycling or visit MDE’s website for more information.

Tires accepted at County facilities are currently transported to various outlets. The tires are then ground into crumb rubber in a variety of sizes. Crumb rubber is used for sport fields applications, underlayment, and rubber mulch which can be used in playgrounds, horse arenas, and landscaping applications.

The Maryland Department of the Environment recognizes that illegal tire dumping is a serious problem throughout the State. The State collects a fee for every tire sold in Maryland that is deposited in a fund established to cleanup illegal scrap tire disposal sites.

Scrap tires that are improperly discarded are not only unsightly but can pose a fire hazard in large accumulations, and provide breeding grounds for mosquitoes and vectors. Improper dumping of tires and other wastes commonly occurs in ravines, streambeds and remote areas that are not regularly traveled by the public. To report illegal dumping, contact MDE’s Scrap Tire Program at (410) 537-3315.

If you own property that is susceptible to repeated illegal dumping below are actions that you can take:

  • Restrict access to your property with fencing, earthen berms, gates etc.
  • Install surveillance cameras
  • Solicit support of neighbors or adjoining property owners to monitor suspicious activity
  • Form a neighborhood watch patrol
  • Install no trespassing, no dumping signage and other signage that indicates that violators will be prosecuted
  • If possible, report illegal dumping activities to the County Police while in progress

Ultimately, property owners are responsible for managing illegal waste dumping that occurs on their property.

  • To report illegal dumping in progress on State or County roadways, call the State or County Police, respectively and provide as much information as possible in order that legal action can be initiated 
  • State roads (identified by “Route”) in need of litter clean up should be reported to the State Highway Administration at (410) 766-3770
  • County roadways in need of litter clean up should be referred to the following appropriate road district. Report illegal littering and dumping.
    • Northern District: (Linthicum, Brooklyn Park, Glen Burnie, Pasadena, and Severna Park) (410) 222-6120
    • Central District: (Odenton, Severn, Arnold, and Crownsville) (410) 222-7940
    • Southern District: (Davidsonville, Edgewater and South County) (410) 222-1933.