Apartment & Condominium Recycling

Under Maryland law, property owners or managers of apartment buildings or councils of unit owners of condominiums with ten or more dwelling units are required to provide recycling programs for residents by October 1, 2014.

Property owners are responsible for contracting necessary services to provide for collection, storage, and delivery of recyclables to market. At a minimum, a program to collect metal containers, plastic containers, glass containers, and paper must be offered. Details on recycling activities must be reported to the County on an annual basis, beginning with calendar year 2014.

We Can Help

The Anne Arundel County Recycling and Waste Reduction Division is available to answer questions, offer literature, and provide technical assistance. Program Specialists are also available for presentations to your staff and residents.

The County has also created a brochure to help property owners and managers better understand the basics of getting started and installing a successful recycling program that meets the needs of your residents.

Click here for the printable brochure


Seven EASY Steps for Property Owners & Managers

  1. Register Your Property

    Please return the completed form to the County's Recycling and Waste Reduction Division using the method most convenient for you. Questions? Call (410) 222-7951 to speak with a Recycling Specialist. Click here to access the Registration Form.

    Fax forms to: (410) 222-4484

    Mail forms to: 
    Anne Arundel County
    Recycling and Waste Reduction Division
    2662 Riva Road (MS 7406)
    Annapolis, MD 21401 

  2. Designate a Recycling Coordinator

    A Recycling Coordinator can be anyone that wants to get involved. Typically a landlord, property manager, or maintenance person is the best choice. These individuals are familiar with the waste management system and the residents. They are in the best position to communicate with service providers and residents to determine what will work and what will not. If there is a tenant association, a committee could also be involved reviewing plans, implementing the program, and promoting participation.

  3. Contact a Service Provider

    Start by contacting your current waste service provider and find out if they offer recycling collection services to apartment or condominium properties. If the current provider does not offer recycling collection services, contact other service providers in the area to obtain information about available services. If you need a listing of providers in the area contact the Recycling and Waste Reduction Division.

  4. Determine Collection Method

    Talk with your service provider about the recycling service they offer. Discuss how materials will be sorted (single-stream vs. dual-stream) and determine the number and type of containers needed to handle the quantity of recyclable materials that will be collected in your community. Remember at minimum, property owners or managers are required to collect metal containers, plastic containers, glass containers, and paper for recycling.

  5. Determine Container Locations

    Identify the locations for the collection containers. To ensure participation, be sure to make recycling convenient for residents. Work with your staff, service provider, and Recycling Coordinator to determine the best locations for your community. We recommend placing recycling containers next to trash receptacles.

  6. Launch Your Recycling Program

    Prior to launching the program, ensure that all recycling containers are in place and labeled appropriately. Also, confirm with staff and the Recycling Coordinator to that they are aware of what their responsibilities are.

  7. Outreach

    Provide residents and visitors with the guidelines of your recycling program using posters, brochures etc. Signage should be posted near all collection locations.