Landfill & Curbside Collection Fees

Annual Service Charge

The County issues a service charge in the amount of $380 annually to each household or commercial unit for which solid waste collection, recycling, or disposal services are provided by the County or its contractors.

The annual charge funds the following:

At Home:

  • Weekly collection of trash, including up to 3 bulky items
  • Weekly collection of paper, plastic, metal and glass for recycling
  • Weekly collection of yard waste for recycling
  • Collection of large metal items by appointment

At facilities available to County residents:

  • Operation of the County landfill
  • Closing and monitoring completed disposal areas
  • Capturing and using landfill gas
  • Monitoring air, ground water, and surface water
  • Construction of new disposal areas
  • Operation of the County landfill
  • Operation of three recycling centers
  • Household Hazardous Waste Drop-off events
  • Recycling and educational programs and tours for children and adults
  • Assistance with backyard composting
  • Dumpsters for community cleanups
  • Assistance in locating agencies that accept, and may collect, reusable goods
  • Help in locating disposal options for items not currently handled by the County

Disposal Charges

For Landfill and other facilities owned or operated by the County
Solid waste delivered by a commercial business$85.00 per ton
Solid waste delivered in a dump truck, flatbed truck, stake body truck, box truck, rental truck/trailer, or double-axle trailer$85.00 per ton
For large, unusually difficult to handle items or bulky compact items, such as house trailers, boats in excess of 20 feet in length, stumps, and concrete$200.00 per ton
On-the-road vehicle tires from a vehicle other than a vehicle owned by the person delivering the tires125% of the cost to the County to dispose of the tires, plus $ 7.00 for each tire mixed with other solid waste
On-the-road vehicle tires from a vehicle owned by the person delivering the tiresNo charge for four or fewer tires, but $7.00 for each tire in excess of four tires.
Tires by the ton$216.30 per ton
Residential solid waste not covered by a listing aboveNo charge
Off road tires are not accepted. 


Forms of payment accepted at the Millersville Landfill:

  • Cash
  • Personal and/or company check made payable to AACO
  • Visa┬«, MasterCard┬«, and Discover┬« credit cards