Partnership for Children, Youth and Families

The Local Management Board for Anne Arundel County

Who are we?

The Anne Arundel County Partnership for Children, Youth and Families was created in 1993. Each County in Maryland was charged by the Governor's Office for Children to convene a collaborative board to manage the implementation of a local, inter-agency, community based human service delivery system for children, youth and families.

Partnership funded activities are driven by the needs outlined in the comprehensive Community Needs Assessment, Poverty Amidst Plenty VII, that is updated every three years. Our current planning process included a focus on the color and geography of poverty in our County, upon which our Communities of Hope strategy is based. The current Community Plan (FY24-FY26) identifies the following priorities:

  • Address the basic needs of community members including food, housing and safe spaces to gather or play
  • Reimagine and rewire systems for equity
  • Support and advance community-led solutions in our four Communities of Hope