Currently Funded Programs

In alignment with our Community Plan for Children, Youth & Families, the Partnership funds several programs and strategies in our community to meet identified needs and fill resource gaps in our community.

YES is a unique after-school program for at-risk youth experiencing academic and/or attendance issues at Brooklyn Park Middle, Lindale Middle and Meade Middle School, particularly those impacted by incarceration. The YES program provides support to address current academic needs, but also works with the youth to develop goals for personal achievement in the future and then helps them develop their own plans to build a path towards success where they achieve those goals.

For more information on the YES program, contact: 
Euphemia Griffin at 
Light of the World Family Ministries

Operated by AACC’s Teach Institute & Parenting Center, BEST 2.0 is an early childhood program that provides behavioral intervention and parental support for families with children who are aged from birth to five years old. This program focuses on the impact of incarceration, community and intergenerational trauma using both in-home and virtual sessions with a behavioral specialist. BEST 2.0 offers group community sessions with partners like The Judy Center and Anne Arundel County Public Libraries, as well as parenting certificate programs where families receive one-on-one assistance, support and coaching. In addition, BEST just launched a new Teen Parent program with our partners at the West County Family Support Center. 
For more information on the BEST program, contact: 
Candy Place at 
Anne Arundel Community College, TEACH Institute & Parenting Center

Black Wall Street Mentoring Program provides youth who are between the ages of 11 and 24 with one-on-one mentoring with academic support and life-skills development, focusing on the workforce development and GED attainment for youth. The goal is to help youth achieve academically, develop skills for self-sufficiency, reduce risk for gang involvement all while addressing trauma and the “pair of ACES.” The BWS curriculum was developed based on the Search Institute's 40 Developmental Assets for Youth. 

For more information on Black Wall Street, contact:
Jonathan Hill at
Penzola Kisic at 
Newtowne 20 Community Development Corporation

Healing Circles provide a pathway to healing for men from generational, racial and cultural trauma within low income, predominantly African American communities. Healing Circles combines the evidence-based restorative practice of dialogue circles with other healing modalities and tools. Dialogue circles are gatherings in which all participants sit in a circle facing each other to facilitate open, direct communication. Circles provide a safe, supportive space where participants can talk about sensitive topics and work through differences. Circles are a culturally responsive practice that increases voice, decreases invisibility, and does not privilege one worldview or version of reality over another. Healing Circles are currently held monthly in Annapolis. 

For more information on Healing Circles and to register for our next session contact:
Maurissa Stone at 
Iona Concepts Ltd and the Living Well

This program is both a nationally and internationally recognized evidence-based parenting and family program centered on strengthening families through relationship building, improved communication, and increased resiliency. The program is designed to significantly improve parental skills and family relationships, reduce problematic behaviors, reduce delinquency and alcohol and drug abuse in children, while also improving social competencies and school performance. 

In FY2023, the Partnership is funding three cycles of Strengthening Families. The contact information for each provider is below:

Brooklyn Park/North County
Sheryl Menendez at
Restoration Community Development Corporation

West County
Barbara Palmer at
Kingdom Celebration/West County Family Support Center

Hispanic/Latinx Community (generally Annapolis-focused)
Gabriel Rodriguez at 
Centro de Ayuda (Center of Help)