Partnership for Children, Youth and Families Committees

As the Local Management Board for Anne Arundel County, the Partnership acts as a neutral convener, bringing together key partners and stakeholders to work together on critical issues in the community that impact children, youth and families.

The Early Childhood Coalition (ECC) has existed in Anne Arundel County since 2006 and was formally established by an Executive Order issued in 2016, answering directly to the County Executive. The ECC is focused on bringing together stakeholders, community members and leaders to address issues and challenges among our birth to five population in an effort to ensure that every child has the tools and supports they need to enter kindergarten ready to learn. The Partnership’s Executive Director, Dr. Pamela Brown, chairs the ECC and provides administrative and operational support to the committee’s efforts. 

Strategic Plan for Early Childhood

For more information, visit the Early Childhood Coalition site or contact Dr. Brown at to get involved in these efforts. Meeting agendas, minutes and other documents can be found on the Meeting Documents page.

The Racial & Ethnic Disparities (RED) Committee was originally established as the Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC) committee in an effort to address the overrepresentation of youth of color at every decision point in the juvenile justice system. Possible decision points include arrest, diversion, pretrial detention, confinement, and transfers to adult court. 

While RED efforts are primarily focused on the juvenile justice system, the Partnership recognizes that these disparities exist across all human services in a way that perpetuates and compounds inequities for children and families of color. To that end, our RED Committee takes a holistic approach to addressing disparities and includes partners in organizations both in and outside of the justice system, as well as community members and stakeholders. 

For more information and to get involved, contact TyJuan Thompson, Youth Services Manager and RED Coordinator, at To learn more about RED initiatives and the federal response visit the R/ED page at OJJDP.

By Executive Order, issued in May 2023, Anne Arundel County established it’s first Food Council dedicated to addressing inequity in the food system. This new body will launch and coordinate food policies and programs, reduce food insecurity in the County, and improve equitable access to nutritious food for all families in our community. Further, it will support the local food economy and food infrastructure of low access areas.

The Partnership convenes the Council and provides administrative support to the Council’s efforts. For more information, see the County’s Food Council site or contact Diana Taylor, Director of Strategic Initiatives, at