Youth Services

In addition to our programs addressing Family Stability and basic needs, the Partnership also offers several programs and services targeted to the needs of youth.

Housing In Place, Home Our Priority (HIP HOP) is a unique rapid rehousing program for unaccompanied homeless youth aged 18 to 24, particularly those in the Northern part of our County. For more information on the program or to see if you qualify for assistance, please contact Krystal Gill at or call 443-758-0829.

Community Conferencing is a restorative justice practice designed to divert first-time non-violent offenders from the juvenile justice system and to reduce rates of suspension and expulsion in schools. Community Conferencing provides a cost-effective and meaningful community-based response to juvenile crime by empowering the community of people affected by the incident (victims, offenders, supporters) to collectively resolve the case themselves. Young offenders are held accountable for their actions; victims have a voice; and everyone decides how to best repair the harm and prevent future occurrences. 
For more general program information or to discuss a referral to the program contact Shay Brooks, Community Conferencing Coordinator at or 410-222-7591.

In collaboration with the Anne Arundel County Mental Health Agency, the Partnership offers one-on-one mentoring for youth with a mental health diagnosis between the ages of 11 and 21. In addition, the program offers enrolled youth the opportunity to meet monthly in a group setting to learn and connect with their peers while also learning valuable skills and tools to help them manage their mental well being. 

For more information contact TyJuan Thompson, Youth Programs Manager, at or 410-934-8380

Issac Colbert, Program Assistant and Re-entry Navigator -