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A non-conforming use is a use that is not allowed in a Zoning District, but existed at a time that such use was permitted. Examples of such uses include apartment in single family dwellings, two dwellings on one lot, or a commercial business operating in a district zoned residential. The use must have been legally established at one time but through zoning or code change the use has become not permitted.

Article 18 of the Anne Arundel County code requires property owners to register a non-conforming use with the Office of Planning and Zoning. This process enables the Office to determine a property’s lawful use and the extent of that use. 

If your property is not registered, you may be cited for a zoning violation and subsequently fined. Or you may be denied a building permit on the site, or have difficulty buying or selling the property. 

How to Apply

An application to register a Non-conforming Use must be hand delivered to the Zoning Division of the Office of Planning and Zoning for processing. 

See related information for details about the non-conforming process. See related information for details about the non-conforming process. 


Filing and Sign Fees Fees
Filing fee $250.00
Sign fee $35.00 for each

Sign fee $35 for each sign that is required to be posted on the property. For sites with frontage on more than one road or on the water, additional signs are required for each road and water frontage.

Filing fee and sign fee may be combined in one check made payable to Anne Arundel County.


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