Land User Navigator - System Help

The Land Use Navigator is a web based application that allows customers to access and obtain zoning services online. Listed below are the steps for accessing the system and creating a user account. Users do not have to register for an account to search for information.

The link to the Land Use Navigator is

If you already have a Public User that you want to work with, you may log in.
LUN Screenshot
  • To create a new Public User click Register for an Account
  • Accept the terms and click Continue Registration
LUN Screenshot


  • Enter a Username unique to this account, a unique email address and a password
  • One security question must be created


LUN Screenshot


  • Click the Add New button to add your contact details.
LUN Screenshot
LUN Screenshot


  • Select a Contact Type for your Public User. Individual for a single person or organization for a business.
  • Enter contact details. When adding address be sure to choose address type "mailing address".
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  • After all fields are entered, select the Continue button. The screen below will display. Write down your user name and password.
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  • Select Manage Account to view or edit details or add additional contacts.
  • These would be contacts associated with your Public User account, not with a specific permit application.
  • After you create your Public User account, you may Login to the Land Use Navigator.
  • You will see a welcome screen.  You can view your records or licenses.
  • You can go to Account Management to update you details or associated additional contacts with your Public User.


LUN Screenshot
  • The Dashboard tab will show any items saved in your cart, your collectins and your Work in Progress permits.
  • The My Records tab displays all records applied for, claimed and/or attached to an account. You may also select records to add to a collection, add to your cart, request a revision and pay fees due, when applicable. 

    If you do not see the Request Revision option please contact the Permit Center to have it added.