Farm or Agricultural Heritage Site Special Event Temporary Use

Farm or Agricultural Heritage Site Special Events are a use of property where events are conducted on a farm or on an agricultural heritage site where guests assemble for parties, weddings, celebrations, or similar uses for compensation.

Anne Arundel County Code, Article 18-2-203(b) permits farm or agricultural heritage site special events on a property in the RA, RLD, or R1 zoning districts as a temporary use subject to the following restrictions:

  • The same property may host no more than eight (8) special events in a 12-month period.
  • Authorization is given for each individual event to be held on a property. 
  • An event may not exceed one (1) day. 
  • Outdoor assembly areas are located and designed to shield surrounding residential properties from the effects of noise, hazards, or other offensive conditions. 
  • The maximum capacity for an event will not exceed 25 attendees per acre. 
  • The owner has owned the property for the immediately preceding two years and has been engaged in active farming for the immediately preceding two years.

The plans must be drawn to scale (engineering scale) and must include the items listed below:

  • Distance to property lines
  • Size of property
  • North arrow
  • Scale of plan
  • Tax map, parcel and lot number of subject property
  • Existing and proposed uses, structures, parking spaces, driveways, and points of access on the subject property
  • Location of well and private sewerage easement, if applicable
  • Floor area and height of structures
  • Any other information necessary for full and proper consideration of the petition