Temporary Use Request

Except where specific temporary uses are provided for in the Code, and upon a determination that a temporary use of land will not adversely affect nearby properties and will not require significant or permanent changes to existing topography, vegetation, or other natural features, the Planning and Zoning Officer may authorize the use in any zoning district for a period not exceeding 60 days. The Planning and Zoning Officer may grant up to two extensions of the temporary use for periods not exceeding 60 days each. The land shall be entirely cleared of the temporary use within five days after the expiration of the period.

The plans must be drawn to scale (engineering scale) and must include the items listed below:

  • Distance to property lines
  • Size of property
  • North arrow
  • Scale of plan
  • Tax map, parcel and lot number of subject property
  • Existing and proposed uses, structures, parking spaces, driveways, and points of access on the subject property
  • Location of well and private sewerage easement, if applicable
  • Floor area and height of structures
  • Any other information necessary for full and proper consideration of the petition