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Explore information resources about services that are available to older adults, individuals with disabilities, Veterans, and caregivers.

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What kinds of services are available? Am I eligible for any drug discount programs? Does Mom meet eligibility requirements for services? What benefits may be available to help pay for care? Is there any transportation to help me get to a doctor’s appointment?

  • MAP is based on the belief that older adults or adults with disabilities and their families should have options and choices for receiving services
  • MAP can provide information and assistance on numerous services available to older adults
  • Trained caring staff will help sort through options, make referrals, help with forms and follow up to be sure the right services are accessed
  • All assistance is prompt, completely confidential, friendly and thorough.

Whether the question is understanding Medicare, where to find leisure time activities, how to care for a frail older relative, how to locate senior housing, assisted living or a nursing home - MAP is the place to start.

Everyone is encouraged to use Maryland Access Point (MAP) - older adults, adults with disabilities, and those of any age who have questions or concerns about someone in need. No question or concern is too trivial or too involved.   

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The directory helps to connect older adults, individuals with disabilities, Veterans, caregivers and their families, or anyone planning their future in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.   

2024-2025 Directory Information

Letter from the County Executive

I welcome you to the 2024-2025 edition of The Directory for Older Adults, Individuals with Disabilities, and Caregivers.


We had a busy year in 2023, and I want to express my gratitude to our Department of Aging and Disabilities and their incredible team for all of the work they have done. After more than three decades of community advocacy, we celebrated the grand opening of the Severn Center, a state-of-the-art intergenerational community center. The space features a Senior Activity Center, and the staff there are working hard to provide our older adult neighbors with the quality of life that we owe them.


This year we also hired a Veterans Services Center Program Manager to oversee the county’s Veterans Services Coordination Center. Our veterans and their families have made tremendous sacrifices for our country, and this permanent staff position will help ensure that they receive the care and support they need.


As we look forward, we must continue our work to ensure that our older adults and residents with disabilities have opportunities to continue their education, stay active, socialize, and access the food, health care, and other resources that they need to thrive.


This Directory will provide you with useful information about these programs and more. Please stay engaged and let us know your thoughts on our programming, and what else you need. You can talk to the staff and the director at your local senior center, engage with the Area Agency on Aging Advisory Council, or call the Department of Aging and Disabilities at 410-222-4257.


We hope you keep this Directory at your fingertips and use it often.


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