Farmhouse Museum

The historic Farmhouse museum is open for tours from 11:00am to 3:00pm the second Saturday of each month.

Up until the completion of the Kinder Farm Park Visitors Center in late 2010, the old brick building that had once been the home of Henry and Hilda Kinder and their eight children, served a the park office. The decision to restore the first floor of the Kinder Farmhouse to resemble a typical early 20th Century farmhouse was made by the Friends of Kinder Farm Park in 2010 even before the Visitors Center was completed.

It took about a year of planning and work before we would get started, and it was estimated that using mostly volunteer labor, it would take four to five years to complete. Our first work party was in January 2012 and we had about 30 people help us start and the we had a second work party that same month and we had another great turn out. It seemed that the community had embrace the project. Month after month the work parties continued and about two and a half years later and thousands of volunteer hours the farmhouse opened on May 31, 2014.

In addition to the volunteers that helped with the restoration labor, we have to thank the many folks who generously donated the furnishings, and items that fill the house and the Kinder family that shared their experiences and photos that tell the story about their life on the farm.

Content courtesy of Friends of Kinder Farm Park.

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