After the Decision

Find contact information and useful links for individuals following your hearing and decision.

Contact Information

Listed below is contact information and links to County Agencies for help after a decision has been issued: 

Appealing a Decision

The County Code provides:
"A person aggrieved by a decision of the Administrative Hearing Officer who was a party to the proceedings may appeal to the Board of Appeals within 30 days after the date upon which the memorandum was filed, except that a person who meets the threshold standing requirements under federal law has standing to appeal a decision of the Administrative Hearing Officer granting or denying a critical area variance for development in the buffer to the Board of Appeals. On the filing of an appeal, the Administrative Hearing Officer shall promptly transmit the application, sign-in sheet, exhibits, and the memorandum to the office of the Board of Appeals and notify those persons who were provided with copies of the memorandum of the date of transmittal. ยง 18-16- 402."

Report a Zoning Violation