Hearing Preparation

As you prepare for an upcoming hearing, please review the suggestions and forms on this page

Pre-meeting Suggestions

In many applications for relief from the Code, critical dimensions and distances are being left out of the reports and exhibits submitted at the hearing. 

It would be helpful if any exhibits (site plans, house location surveys, drawings on the back of paper napkins) and reports intended to be introduced as part of an application show the dimensions and location of an existing structure on the property and its proposed replacement, or, if the lot is undeveloped, the dimensions and location of the structure proposed to be built, including the distances from the lot lines, mean high water line, and any buffers or structures or other natural features. 

A suggested list: 

  • The dimensions of the existing structure. 
  • The dimensions of the proposed structure. 
  • The location of the 100-foot buffer and expanded buffer. 
  • The location of the steep slope buffer. 
  • The distance the existing and proposed structure is/will be from buffers, setbacks, lot lines or mean high water line. 
  • The distance from any other structure or natural feature (tidal or non-tidal wetlands, bog, habitat protection area, etc.) that the Code identifies as a feature to be taken into account in granting a variance, special exception, or rezoning. 

The purpose of this request is not to increase the costs of seeking relief from this Office, but to make sure that the record has the important and necessary information needed to make a decision on the application. Use this as a checklist to see whether the information you need is in the testimony and documents submitted at the hearing. Even though this list is suggestive and not mandatory, it should not be viewed as exhaustive. For example, the use of color to identify changes, or the creation of two separate drawings, one for existing conditions and one for the proposed work, would be very helpful but will not be required.


Forms for Representatives

The forms linked below are issued by this office for representatives of community associations or other entities such as corporations, partnerships, and trusts, as well as individual owners unable to attend a hearing, to authorize a representative to testify before the Administrative Hearing Officer.