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The Anne Arundel County Police-Community Relations Council (PCRC) is a voluntary, independent, self-constituted advisory body.  The PCRC exist with the purpose of promoting the concept that citizens, communities, and the police have a common goal.  This goal is the maintenance of law and order, reduction of crime, and the protection of the community.  The PCRC promotes the relationship and understanding necessary to effectively attain this purpose. 


Each police district has its own PCRC, which holds monthly meetings at the district station with the following objectives:
  1. To acquaint individual citizens with their responsibility in the maintenance and preservation of law and order through the implementation of various programs.
  2. To acquaint the general public with the professionalization and operation of police activities.
  3. To secure public cooperation with the police department through better understanding and communications.
  4. To promote increased cooperation between the police and other community agencies.
  5. To serve as a base for neighborhood maintenance and improvement.
  6. To assist in crime prevention.
  7. To serve as liaison between the police department and the neighborhood.
  8. To consult with district police department personnel on problems of law enforcement within the district and render suggestions for improving police service.
  9. To assist police in the education of all citizens in how to reduce opportunities for crime to occur.
  10. To reduce juvenile crime.
  11. To refer to the police department all questions involving clarification of department policy.
  12. To promote utilization of existing facilities and agencies in the district.

Meeting Time

Western District PCRC meetings will now begin at 7:00 p.m. All other districts will begin at 7:30 p.m.

Please contact your district station for meeting dates. 


For more information on joining your District’s PCRC, please contact your district station and request to speak with the District Commander or the Executive Officer. 

Northern District - (410) 222-6135
Eastern District - (410) 222-6140
Southern District - (410) 222-1967
Western District - (410) 222-6155