About Recreation and Parks

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Vision, Mission & Core Values  

Vision Statement

  • To enrich the lives of all residents of Anne Arundel County. 
  • We make life better!

Mission Statement

  • We Create Opportunities to Enjoy Life, Explore Nature and Restore Health and Well-being. 
  • Enjoy, Explore, Restore

Core Values

  • Responsibility (Safe, Professional, Competent, Transparent) 
  • Enjoyment (Fun, Exciting, Positive Attitude, Joy) 
  • Service (Excellence, Courteous, Compassionate, Responsive) 
  • Teamwork (Collaboration, Communication, Unity, Supportive)

About Us

Anne Arundel County Recreation and Parks is dedicated to serving millions of County residents and visitors annually by offering a wide range of services and programs. Our primary focus is on providing comprehensive recreational programs for residents and safeguarding valuable land through the maintenance and management of over 160 parks and natural areas. The department manages specialized recreational facilities, including two swim centers, two golf courses, a baseball stadium, a softball complex, and programs tailored to meet diverse needs ranging from school-age childcare to adaptive recreation. Additionally, we oversee thousands of acres of land, encompassing community parks, greenways, archaeological sites, environmental and historical preserves, and large regional parks spanning several hundred acres. Our mission is to create opportunities that allow individuals to enjoy life, explore nature, and restore their health and well-being. Engage with us on social media platforms such as TwitterFacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn, and stay connected through our weekly newsletter for the latest updates and information.



Jessica Leys
Director of Recreation & Parks