Recordation and Transfer Tax

The Recordation and Transfer Tax Division is responsible for review and collection of Recordation and Transfer Taxes due on all land record instruments that convey, create or give a security interest in real property.  This department takes pride in due diligence of collections and the ability to ascertain the appropriate information necessary to collect all Transfer and Recordation Taxes due to Anne Arundel County.

Recordation and Transfer Taxes are excise taxes imposed and governed by State and Public Local Law for the privilege of recording an instrument in the County Land Records (or, in some cases, with the State Department of Assessments and Taxation).  All instruments potentially subject to these taxes must be endorsed by our office prior to recordation in the County land records. 

The Recordation Tax Rate is $7.00 per thousand (rounded up to the nearest $500.00).

This tax applies to both instruments that transfer an interest in real property and instruments that create a security interest in real or personal property, e.g., a mortgage, deed of trust or financing statement.

The County Transfer Tax Rate is one percent (1.0%) on transactions up to $999,999.99. For transactions of $1,000,000 or more, the County transfer rate is 1.5%.

This tax applies only to instruments that transfer an interest in real property, e.g., a deed, lease, easement or contract, etc.

Person Writing a Check

Other Important Information

Checks should be made payable to Anne Arundel County.

For information concerning State Transfer Tax and Recording Fees, please contact the Anne Arundel County Land Records Office at (410) 222-1425.

e-Recording for land records is now available in Anne Arundel County! For more information please contact:

JIS Service Desk
(410) 260-1114