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DPW and You

Maintaining a safe, forward-thinking and sustainable community for all residents living and working in Anne Arundel County.

Maintaining a safe, forward-thinking and sustainable community for all residents living and working in Anne Arundel County

DPW Employee at the Landfill
We want to take some time to hear from YOU! Please take a few minutes to fill out this brief survey and tell us about your experiences with DPW. Your feedback will help us to continue to improve our efforts and support your needs.



We have a passion for keeping Anne Arundel County a safe, forward-thinking and sustainable community. Our Department of Public Works provides several services, such as maintaining highways, sending clean water to your tap and collecting trash, but we could not do it all without YOU! Support and feedback from residents help us better deliver the high-quality services that enhance Anne Arundel County and the lives of everyone living and working here – including 71% of us who live here!
We value having you as our partner in maintaining a safe, forward-thinking and sustainable community, and appreciate your commitment to making a difference, together.
  • Protecting the Environment in Anne Arundel County
    Maintaining a sustainable environment relies heavily on protecting our resources and reducing unnecessary waste as much as possible. Through simple changes in everyday habits, YOU can help protect our environment for the benefit of all current and future Anne Arundel County residents!
    • Stormwater runoff often picks up harmful pollutants before ending up in our local waterways. While we take steps towards reducing these adverse effects, there's also plenty you can do from home to help keep our bodies of water healthy, beautiful and safe. Learn More >
    • We all know the phrase "reduce, reuse and recycle," but do you know how to make it part of your daily routine? It all starts with knowing before you throw. Learn More >
  • Maintaining a Safe Anne Arundel County
    Maintaining public safety is always one of our top priorities and without YOU, we could not be successful. By working together, we can better ensure all who live and work in Anne Arundel County remain safe.
    • You may enjoy delicious water from your tap every day, but do you know how it gets there? We follow five thorough steps to ensure our water exceeds the highest standards of freshness, cleanliness and safety. Learn More >
    • Whether driving, walking or biking, we want everyone getting from point A to point B safely. With 6,812 roads maintained by Anne Arundel County, we rely on your help to keep us informed of any potholes needing repair, grass needing trimming, traffic signals needing maintenance and more. Learn More >
    • Learn why GREEN means CO when it comes to reporting issues on the roadways. Check out the interactive map to identify the roads we maintain. Learn more >



  • Planning Ahead for a Sustainable Anne Arundel County
    For any project around the community, our team follows a forward-thinking approach to develop plans that will not only solve the immediate needs of our residents, but ensures we're providing YOU a long-term solution that enhances the future prosperity of Anne Arundel County.
    • Capital projects build, maintain and improve Anne Arundel County assets to make our lives and community even better. With these projects spanning a much longer period of time, we always strive to keep you involved and engaged throughout the journey. Learn More >
    • We always have two seasons on our mind at a time - the current season and its priority services plus the next season and how we can prepare in advance. Get to know the seasons of highway care so you can also start preparing early. Learn More >
Extra, extra!

We have a great new service for you! To stay informed about Anne Arundel County's most recent happenings that could affect you, we encourage you to sign up for text alerts. The text alerts will provide you quick updates pertaining to road closures, construction, water main breaks and more

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Meet Our DPW&YOU Family
Splash’s wisdom flows deeper than the Chesapeake Bay. With award-winning water flowing through his pipes and into your home, it’s time to recycle those bottles and tap into a champion.

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Linc's work usually happens behinds the scenes, but she’s stepping out to share how collaboration plays a critical role in putting plans in motion and connecting our community to premier services.

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Tough, gritty and complete with a truckload of knowledge, Axel's always on the move, working with our team to keep Anne Arundel County roadways safe and clean for a more efficient commute.

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Like you, the Binjamin family loves living in such a beautiful environment and wants to protect it through proper waste disposal. Not only experts in recycling, trash and yard waste, they also love giving tips on source reduction.

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Marsha dedicates herself to protecting the bodies of water flowing through Anne Arundel County from harmful pollution. Her work ensures our environment is not only safe for her to live, but for you to enjoy.

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