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Making a difference, together

Making a difference, together


Each day, our team works tirelessly to provide high-quality services that will enhance the lives of our residents. Our dedication to maintaining our community goes beyond just day-to-day operations - it also brings personal fulfillment to the 71 percent of our staff who reside here. 

Join us in serving as responsible stewards of the County by learning how you can support the mission to maintain a safe, forward-thinking and sustainable community. 

  • Maintaining a Safe Anne Arundel County
    Maintaining public safety throughout the community is always our top priority, and by working together we can better ensure all who live and work in the community remain safe. Without YOU, we could not successfully maintain the safety of our roads, environment, resources and infrastructures throughout the community.  
    Working Together for Our Safety

    Next time you see our team working to make our neighborhoods safe, join our efforts. Check out this video to learn three simple ways you can help protect our team when traveling through a work zone.


  • Planning Ahead for a Sustainable Anne Arundel County
    For any project around the community, our team follows a forward-thinking approach to developing plans. This not only allows us to solve the immediate needs of our residents, but ensures we’re providing a long-term solution that enhances the future prosperity of our County.
    Enhancing Our Community for Years to Come

    Capital Projects build, maintain and improve County assets to make our lives and community even better. While these projects require several months or years to complete, the up-front investment helps ensure a lasting, positive result for our residents. Watch the video below to learn about the Capital Project journey and how you can get involved.


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