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Development Division

The Development Division coordinates and administers all subdivision activity, administers the Critical Area Program as it relates to development, and regulates development activities through the permit process.


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All applications are accepted by and processed through the Permit Center in the Department of Inspections and Permits. The applications are distributed to the Office of Planning and Zoning, Development Division where they are assigned to one of three planning teams: Residential, Critical Area or Regional Projects (Commercial and Mixed Use.)

  • Residential Team
    (410) 222-7960
    • Residential Site Development Plans and Subdivisions
    • Planned Unit Developments
    • Grading and Building Permits
    • Variance and Special Exception Reviews
  • Regional (County Wide) Team
    (410) 222-7485
    • Economic Development Projects
    • Residential Subdivisions
    • Mixed Use Developments
    • Town Center Development
    • Planned Unit Developments
  • Critical Area Team
    (410) 222-7960
    Subdivision, Site Development Plan and Permits within the Critical Area