County Executive Pittman's Weekly Letter

“It’s the direct, raw, and sometimes unconventional story the way I want to tell it. It’s my take on what matters each and every week from the fourth floor of the Arundel Center.”  

-- County Executive Steuart Pittman


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Weekly Letter: Why Nonprofits?

“If we succeed, our County will have a more engaged, better connected, and better served population of people with experience working for the betterment of their communities.”
Weekly Letter: A Day in the Life

Weekly Letter: A Day in the Life

“I sometimes look back at my schedule on any given day and am thankful. The scope of my job is broad, and its impact significant. Friday was one of those days.”
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Weekly Letter: My Dad Would Approve

We have no way of knowing what life-threatening events will confront our county in the next four years, but visiting our EOC on Friday, seeing their team leading a tour for our residents, and reading their 2022 Annual Report gave me confidence that we are prepared.

Weekly Letter: Why Our Work Matters

“Before leading a discussion on some of our priorities, I told them why I believe our work matters. Here are a few of the things I said.”

Weekly Letter: Our Land, Our Parks

“The good news is that our Rec and Parks team builds good stuff, and generally the neighbors appreciate the increase in their property values that comes with a nearby park. But still, we must do better when we propose these parks.”

Weekly Letter: This Moment in History

Looking at my schedule over the last week suggests that we have hit the ground sprinting, and that is a good thing. Four years goes fast and we need to finish what we started.<br/> 

Weekly Letter: Lessons Learned

Over the last seven days I have been at both my best and worst for the people of this county, and as a result I’ve been reminded what matters.