Anne Arundel County Selects Stakeholder Advisory Committee Members for Regions 1, 3, 9; Launches Region Plan Visioning Questionnaire

Deadline to respond to the Visioning Questionnaire is November 1

Annapolis, MD (September 27, 2023) County Executive Steuart Pittman announced the selection of individuals appointed to serve on Regions 1, 3, and 9 Stakeholder Advisory Committees (SACs) and the launch of the Region Plan Visioning Questionnaire to help craft the vision statement for each region. The deadline to respond to the questionnaire is November 1. 

The SACs will play a key role in developing Region Plans, meeting regularly to collaborate on goals and action, and making recommendations on proposed zoning changes during the comprehensive zoning process. One of the first objectives of the committees will be to develop a Vision Statement for each Region. 

“Stakeholder Advisory Committee members play a key role in helping shape the future of our county,” said County Executive Pittman. “They represent the needs and interests of their communities, giving them a voice in the decision making process.” 

County Executive Pittman and the Anne Arundel County Council worked together to select members of the committees, aiming for representation from a diverse mix of each region’s civic, business, environmental, and other stakeholders, including residents of the planning area or those who own or manage a business within the planning area. Names and affiliations of the SAC members are available in Resolution No. 33-23 (Region 1), Resolution No. 34-23 (Region 3), and Resolution No. 35-23 (Region 9). 

The County is completing nine Region Plans in total, in groups of three regions at a time. The second and third rounds of region plans are expected to take 24 months to complete, which is a year shorter than the first round. The schedule has been revised to allow for fewer, more concentrated SAC meetings and a longer period for public review of draft products. 

To support the development of a vision statement for each region, the Office of Planning and Zoning is seeking input from the public. Visioning Statement Questionnaires are now available online at Access to the Visioning Questionnaire for Region 1Region 3, and Region 9 are available on the website. Responses to the questionnaires will be accepted until 11:59 pm on November 1, 2023.

The input gathered through the Visioning Questionnaires will be instrumental in shaping the development of a vision statement for each Region. The Region’s vision statement will serve as a community's compass, encapsulating aspirations for the future and providing a clear direction for the creation of a master plan. These statements are meant to articulate the future that the community envisions and desires, and Region Plans will outline strategies for realizing these vision statements.

Statements in Visioning Questionnaires address common themes such as the environment, history and culture, land use, housing, economic development, transportation, recreation, and public services. Each questionnaire is tailored to capture the distinct characteristics, needs, and goals of its respective Region. Statements for consideration emerged from public engagement conducted in Spring and Summer of 2023, including outreach events, online feedback opportunities, and stakeholder interviews. A comprehensive summary of these activities is available on Region 1, 3, and 9 Hub sites.

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