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The Watershed Protection and Restoration Program (WPRP) is located in the Bureau of Engineering in Anne Arundel County's Department of Public Works. The division develops and delivers technical environmental assessment, planning, and implementation information and regulatory support to the Department of Public Works, Inspections and Permits; and Planning and Zoning.

This support enables these agencies to carry out their responsibilities for successfully managing delegated programs outlined in the County's National Pollutant Discharge Elimination Systems (NPDES-MS4) Permit, the State's Critical Area program, and the State Forest Conservation Act, as their responsibilities for land use decisions set fourth in the County Code.

The WPRP is composed of three functional programs (click links below for more information):


As a part of the County's effort to help reduce stormwater pollution that drains into our rivers and enhance aquatic habitat,the Watershed Protection and Restoration Program's stormwater restoration strategy is focused on three key area's:

  • Stormwater Facility Retrofits - Existing facilities, such as dry ponds, detention ponds, or infiltration basins that have failed will be rebuilt to optimize their pollution reduction capacity and provide an array of ecosystem benefits. 
  • Stormwater Outfall Repair - Eroded or failing stormwater outfalls will be reconstructed into systems that can move high flows as well as provide enhanced water quality and habitat enhancements.
  • Stream Restoration - Stream erosion is the largest contributor of sediment and phosphorous to our local rivers.  Restoring degraded streams will provide significant benefits to water quality, flooding, and provide ecological benefits.

List of Current Watershed Protection & Restoration Projects

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