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The department has adopted Community Based Policing in the furtherance of those tenets incorporated in the department's Mission and Value Statements, and the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics.
Community Policing is an organizational wide philosophy and management approach that promotes community, government and police partnerships; proactive problem solving; and community engagement to address the causes of crime, fear of crime and other community quality of life issues.   Two of the core components of community policing are: Community Partnerships and Problem Solving. Community Partnerships are joint efforts between law enforcement agencies and their communities to address the significant crime and quality of life issues. Problem Solving is a process for analyzing a problem from several perspectives in order to seek the most thoughtful approach possible, which should also be the solution that is most likely to succeed.


Community policing provides the community with a:

  • Voice in how it will be policed
  • Permanent resolution to reoccurring problems
  • Stronger, safer and more friendly place to live
  • Better understanding of police capabilities and limitations
  • Closer working relationships with the police and other governmental agencies

It benefits the Department by providing:

  • A way to more efficiently and effectively use department resources
  • A way to be more responsive to the community
  • Better intelligence about criminals
  • Better communications
  • More community support for Department programs