Crime Prevention

The goal of crime prevention is to create a safe and secure environment for individuals, families, and communities.

The Anne Arundel County Police Department is committed to crime prevention efforts in their community. The Anne Arundel County Police Department uses a combination of community policing strategies and innovative technology to proactively address crime in the county. The department works closely with community groups and neighborhood associations to identify and address local concerns and develop targeted crime prevention initiatives.

The Anne Arundel County Police Department also provides a range of educational resources and training programs to help residents protect themselves and their property. These include home security assessments, crime prevention seminars, and neighborhood watch programs. They also partner with local schools to educate young people about the dangers of drugs, gangs, and other criminal activity.

In addition, the department employs a variety of technology-based crime prevention measures, including video surveillance, license plate recognition systems, and crime mapping tools. These tools help officers to identify and track criminal activity and provide valuable information for crime prevention planning and response.

Through these efforts, the Anne Arundel County Police Department is working to create a safer and more secure community for all residents.