Right of Way Permitting

Homeowners, Utilities, and their contractors may require a Right-of-Way permit to undertake certain repairs and construction. Permits are issued for Driveways and Curb Cuts, Street/Utility Cuts, Test Pits, Access to Pull Wires, Cranes, Oversize Hauling, Street, Alley, or Lane Closures.

When is a permit required?

Anytime you occupy, use, or engage in any activity in a public right-of-way including:

When is a permit not required?

  • Maintenance activity that makes no material change to the footprint of an existing facility or structure, makes no material change to the surface or sub-surface of a right-of-way, and does not disrupt or impede traffic.
  • Work governed by a permit issued by the Department of Inspections & Permits or governed by a Public Works Agreement.

Prohibited Conduct:

  • Private irrigation systems are not permitted within County rights-of-way.
  • Private fencing is not permitted within County rights-of-way.
  • Private utilities require the grant of an easement prior to occupancy in County rights-of-way.
A sidewalk next to a road

  1. Access the Right-of-Way Permit Portal

    Permit Portal

    • Using this system, you will be able to submit your application, pay fees, and track the status of your application. 
    • This application is not a permit. 
    • Please be advised that incomplete applications will expire after 30 days. 
    • Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. 
    • Any questions should be emailed to dpwpermits@aacounty.org
  2. Complete Permit Application
    • Create an account if you do not have one. Fill in Owner Information - Please be sure to provide a project contact name and telephone number
    • Login
    • Accept the Certification and Indemnity
    • Fill in Contractor Information - Unless you are doing the work yourself, all contractors must be licensed
    • Fill in Work Information - Briefly describe all activity in paved and unpaved areas of public the right-of-way
    • Fill in Location Information - Identify every street you impact

    *Refer to the Design Manual for standard construction details. Information is listed under Standard Details for Construction / Section VII - Roadway and Site Improvements

  3. Attach Two Sets of Dimensioned Drawings/Design Prints
    • Clearly Illustrate Your Proposed Work
    • Identify All Streets, Driveway Entrances & Sidewalks
    • Provide Detailed Measurements of Proposed Work Area (i.e. length/width of entrance, road, trench, bore, pit, aerial)

    *.pdf preferred

    ** File size limit is 25 mb

  4. Fee Payment
    • Contact Rights of Way staff to schedule an appointment for fee payment. 
    • Permit fees are accepted in the form of cash or check made payable to Anne Arundel County.


Maintenance Permit 
Maintenance Permit$17
Maintenance Permit Activity$12
Maintenance Permit Emergency Excavation in Paved Area$203


Individual Permit 
Individual Permit Fee$59
Individual Permit Base Inspection Fee$135
Grassy Area (nonpaved) - Bore$68 for every 750 linear ft.
Grassy Area (nonpaved) – Trench$68 for every 500 linear ft.
Road Crossing (Buried)$68 for every road crossing
Longitudinal Bore in Paved Area$68 for every 500 linear ft.
Trenching Paved Area$68 for every 200 linear ft.
Excavations in Paved Area$68 per excavation


Small Wireless Facility 
New Structure$4639

*The fees provided shall increase each July first based on the consumer price index for all urban consumers (CPI-U) for the previous January.