Road/Street Closure Permits

Anne Arundel County accepts applications for planned Traffic Control events or Traffic Control associated with construction projects or other work within County roads, alleys, or rights-of-way that will physically modify, impede, or block the normal flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Application Submission 

Follow the steps outlined on the Right-of-way Permitting page.

General Requirements

  1. Applications must be received at least fourteen (14) days prior to the requested traffic control date. If a detour is requested, then a least (21) days prior to requested traffic control date.
  2. At least 48 hours before closing a street or sidewalk or part of a street or sidewalk, the applicant shall notify the Bureau of Highways at 410-222-7344 and again notify the Bureau of Highways after all travel lanes and pedestrian ways are reopened to traffic.
  3. Applicants shall follow all applicable Maryland State Highway Standards for Temporary Traffic Control and include the Temporary Traffic Control Standard Detail number on the application.
  4. Before any street closure, the permit holder shall notify the owners of property abutting that street, in writing, of the upcoming closure. The notice must include a description of the area to be closed, the dates and times of the closure, and the name, address, and phone number of the permit holder.
  5. Applicants shall contact the Traffic Engineering Division at 410-222-7331 to obtain “No Parking” signs, if needed.
  6. A separate Utility Permit is NOT required for installation of facilities placed in or crossing the County right-of-way. All work including associated traffic control should be included on your right-of-way permit application.
  7. To request a permit extension, submit request, reason for extension and new end date to 
  8. No Traffic Control permits will be approved on major holidays unless it is an emergency condition.
  9. Applicant is responsible for implementation of all traffic control devices, which must be in compliance with noted traffic control standard and the MdMUTCD.
  10. Applicants must have a copy of the approved Traffic Control Permit at the work site.

Information Requirements

  • Closed road name:
  • Closure starting point: 
  • Closure ending point:
  • Local/business traffic permitted (Y/N):
  • Start date (proposed):
  • Start time
  • End date:
  • End time:
  • Reason/scope of work:
  • On-site contact name/number:
  • Justification letter attached (Y/N):
  • Detour plan sheet(s) included (Y/N):
  • Added time to commute/travel due to detour:
  • Any other necessary MOT/plan sheets included (Y/N):
  • Traffic Engineering review/approval date:
  • Copy of ROW permit included (Y/N):
  • ROW site meeting scheduled for:
  • Planned dates for resident outreach:
  • Resident outreach format (letters, door hangers, meeting, etc.):
  • Example of resident outreach plan/documents included (Y/N):
  • Planned dates for Changeable Message Sign (VMS) setup:
  • Other/special notes:
  • Closure will accommodate emergency vehicles in exigent circumstances(Y/N)?: