Zoning Violations

If you suspect there is a violation of a zoning code, please report it to the Office of Planning and Zoning.

It is a zoning violation for an owner, occupant, person in charge, or any other person to use or to permit another person to use property in violation of Article 18 of the County Code, or to perform work for another person in violation of this article. Each day that a violation continues is a separate zoning violation.

There are two ways to report a suspected violation:
1. Submit online using the Land Use Navigator System.
2. Send an email to the Zoning Enforcement Division listed below:
Zoning Enforcement Division
Please note that email addresses are subject to public information.

Enforcement of the ordinance is complaint-driven and we rely on citizens to bring issues to our attention. A written complaint is required to initiate an investigation and can be submitted through the Land Use Navigator (LUN) system. Suspected code violations that are reported will result in an investigation and potential fines for the offenders. 
After a complaint is assigned, a Zoning Enforcement Inspector visits the site to determine if a violation exists. If violations are found, the property owner is given written notification by mail of the violation and specific action that must be taken to correct the violation within a specific time frame. If the owner fails to correct the violation, legal action may be taken by Zoning Enforcement.

Common Zoning Violations

Inoperable and Unregistered Vehicle
Inoperable and unregistered vehicles on private property

Parking and storage of inoperable, wrecked, partially dismantled or destroyed vehicle or any vehicle that does not display current registration plate and validation sticker. “Vehicle” means a motor vehicle, trailer, or boat.

Storage of Junk
Outside Storage of Junk

Land may not be used partially or principally as a junkyard or for the disposal of junk including old, scrap, dismantled, inoperable, or dilapidated motor vehicles or motor vehicle parts, machinery, household furniture and appliances, construction equipment and materials, tanks and drums, tires, pipes, wood, paper, metals, rags, and glass.

OversizedCommercial Vehicle on Residential Property
Oversized commercial vehicles on residential property

A vehicle with a manufacturer's gross vehicle weight rating of more than 10,000 pounds may not be parked on a residentially zoned or developed lot except for the purpose of providing temporary service.

Portable Storage Container
Portable Storage Containers in Rresidential Districts

Shipping or cargo containers, trailers, truck compartments, and similar portable storage containers are prohibited in residential districts for a period of more than 60 days unless used in connection with construction authorized by an active building permit issued by the Department of Inspections and Permits.

Work Trucks
Unlawful Commercial Business Operating in a Residential Zone

Uses must comply with the use charts specified in Article 18-4-106 of the County Code. Specific types of businesses are allowed in each zoning district. A use not specifically allowed is prohibited.

Initiating a Use Without a Zoning Certificate of Use (ZCU)

The County Code requires that all uses, except single family dwellings and accessory dwelling units, obtain ZCU. It is unlawful to operate a business or establish a use without first obtaining a ZCU.


Roosters and livestock are prohibited on lots less than 40,000 square feet in area. The quantity and type of animals kept on private property must comply with Article 18-4-104 of the County Code.


The quantity, size, height, location, and permitted timeframes for posting signs must comply with Article 18 Title 3 subtitle 3 of the County Code.

Building Framing
Multiple Dwellings

A specific number of dwelling units and types of dwellings are allowed in each residential zoning district.