County Inventory of Historic Resources

Anne Arundel County maintains a running inventory of historic structures, archaeological sites, and cemeteries, which is continuously growing. Many of these sites require further evaluation for local significance and many more sites remain to be discovered and documented. 

This search tool will return information on any parcel or address associated with known historic buildings, historic districts, historic cemeteries, or recorded historical easements in Anne Arundel County. This data is provided for reference purposes only. 

Any development as defined by Article 17 of the County Code requires protection of significant historic resources. If you are considering development of your property, please consult with the Cultural Resources Section of Planning & Zoning by calling (410)222-7432 to find out more about the review process and any potential preservation requirements. 

The Historic Resources Overlay is below in purple, use the search bar to find your address. 

Click on the location for pop-up information. 


**Please note that the County protects archaeological resources as part of the development review process, and while we maintain an internal database of these sites, the State of Maryland prohibits the public disclosure of archaeological site locational data to protect archaeological resources from looting. If there is an archaeological site on your property it will not appear in this search. If you are a property owner or developer of record for a given parcel and think there may be an archaeology site on your land, please contact our office to find out if there is a recorded or potential archaeological site on record with the State.

Want to dig deeper- Learn more? 

Explore “Medusa -- Maryland's Cultural Resource Information System.”

The State offers this interactive map-based tool that allows users to explore historic sites across the County and beyond in a geographic format, where one can also access State-held records linked to these resources. Through Medusa, you may access information about architectural and archeological resources recorded in the Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties (MIHP) and the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP), as well as properties on which MHT holds preservation easements.

Go to Medusa

Archaeological records, which include site location information, are available only to professional archeologists, agency representatives, and researchers working directly with professional archeologists. Users must have an account with approved permissions in order to access the archeological records.