African American Heritage Trail

This virtual trail and its companion guide highlights publicly accessible historic sites that provide a tangible place to visit, explore, and contemplate important African American individuals, families, people, historic places, events, struggles, and accomplishments. It also included many privately-owned sites, and in far too many cases, sites physically lost to time. This interactive tour acknowledges and celebrates contributions by African-Americans over the County’s 370-year history; those who tilled the soil on farms that made Anne Arundel County prosper prior to Emancipation, those who harvested, processed and shipped the Bay’s seafood to feed an expanding Country, and those who physically built the grand colonial houses for wealthy landowners, many of whom were enslaved. We honor those families and individuals that came together in good times and bad, to start a church and a congregation, to found a school, to build a community, and to create a legacy.

African American Voices, Memories and Places: A Four Rivers Heritage Trail    

Heritage Trail Story Map


Please note that many of the tour stops are privately owned and not accessible for visitation. Thank you for respecting the privacy of these properties. Sites open to the public are clearly marked.