OTC Frequently Asked Questions

The Odenton Town Center (OTC), is an area located in the western part of Anne Arundel County. It is one of three designated “Town Centers” in the County where development and redevelopment is the highest priority for economic growth. A mix of land uses are integrated to create attractive, livable, walkable and economically viable centers.

Consistent with Goal PP3 of the OTC Master Plan, the document is reviewed every 5 years and updated as needed.

Unless specifically stated otherwise, all development projects within the OTC must comply with the provisions in the OTC Master Plan. Other development requirements and procedures that apply within the OTC are found elsewhere in the County Code, principally in the following:

Requirements in the County Code that are superseded by provisions in the OTC Master Plan are so noted in the latter. Where a conflict between the two exists, the OTC Master Plan shall govern.

There are six distinct zoning districts and one overlay (Historic Village Mix Block). Each zoning district has a specific character and purpose. For more information about the zoning districts, please visit Article 18 of the County Code.

The OTC is a geographical area defined by the County and is not a separate jurisdiction. Development projects are subject to the Anne Arundel County OTC Master Plan and County Code. In addition, the Odenton Town Center Advisory Committee advocates for the goals and objectives of the Odenton Town Center.

The OTC Advisory Committee meetings are open to the public. There are opportunities for the public to provide comment. Please refer to the County calendar for future dates and times.