Glen Burnie Town Center

The Glen Burnie Town Center is one of three Town Centers within the County where growth is targeted and is given the highest priority for economic growth and public improvements.

In 2021, the Office of Planning and Zoning collaborated with the Glen Burnie Revitalization Implementation Task Force and the planning firm Mahan Rykiel Associates to complete a market analysis and planning-level study of the Glen Burnie Town Center. The project focused on a targeted study area in the Town Center that is in need of revitalization and that may have potential for redevelopment. The study area is located in the core of the Town Center at a highly visible intersection at Crain Highway and Baltimore- Annapolis Boulevard, and is roughly 2/3 mile from the Cromwell Light Rail Station. It consists of several acres of land under ownership by multiple property owners, including some land owned by the County that is currently used as a public parking area.    
The project site is identified as a key opportunity site for focused study and redevelopment in the Glen Burnie Sustainable Community Action Plan. Improvements to these blocks would benefit the entire Town Center and may also serve as a catalyst for further improvements in the area. The goal is to create a “Main Street” atmosphere that will enhance the Town Center’s purpose of serving as an activity center for local residents, employees, and visitors and will bolster the local economy in Glen Burnie.    
Working with area stakeholders and several property owners, the team developed a concept plan for revitalization that provides a framework for the County and private-sector partners to guide planning, investments, and potential redevelopment in the area over the next ten years and beyond.

Contact Information For further information on the Glen Burnie revitalization initiative, contact Lynn Miller, Office of Planning and Zoning at 410-222-7431.