Baltimore Regional Neighborhood Initiative

The Baltimore Regional Neighborhood Initiative (BRNI) was established by State legislation in FY2014 as a revitalization tool to fund projects that build on the strengths of Baltimore City and surrounding communities. The initiative targets existing communities that have experienced physical, economic, or social decline. The goal is to focus strategic investment in local housing and businesses that will lead to healthy communities, grow the tax base, and improve quality of life.

To this end, Anne Arundel County and the City of Baltimore collaborated with multiple stakeholders to develop the Greater Baybrook Vision and Action Plan, a cross-jurisdictional plan to improve the communities of Brooklyn Park, Brooklyn, and Curtis Bay, collectively referred to as Greater Baybrook. Since that time, a local city-county community development corporation known as the Greater Baybrook Alliance (GBA) has been formed and is working with partners in both the City and County in their revitalization efforts for the Greater Baybrook area.

The Greater Baybrook Vision and Action Plan may be viewed here Greater Baybrook Vision and Action Plan

More information about the Greater Baybrook Alliance may be found here