Charter Revision Commission

The Charter Revision Commission, created by Sec. 1203 in the County Charter, is responsible for conducting a comprehensive study of the County government and recommending revisions to the Charter as necessary, including the matter of the revision of the Councilmanic districts of the County.

Every ten years, following the release of a U.S. Census report, the County Council must appoint a Charter Revision Commission. The 2021 Charter Revision Commission was appointed by the County Council on October 4, 2021, following the release of the 2020 U.S. Census. Their work will be done in two parts. For the first part, the Commission will look at Census data and other criteria to come up with recommendations for the County Council regarding redistricting in the County. Part two of the Commission's work will focus on studying the County government and making recommendations to the County Council for amendments to the Charter for Anne Arundel County. 

Meetings of the Commission will be held in person in the Council Chambers in Annapolis or will be conducted virtually using Zoom. All meetings are open to the public and the public is encouraged to attend. Public comments will be accepted on an ongoing basis through the tool below as well as at any public hearings scheduled.