Council Commissions

The Anne Arundel County Council is responsible for two commissions under the Anne Arundel County Code.

Charter Revision Commission

The Charter Revision Commission, created by Sec. 1203 in the County Charter, is responsible for conducting a comprehensive study of the County government and recommending revisions to the Charter as necessary, including the matter of the revision of the Councilmanic districts of the County.
(Bill No. 93-80; Res. No. 35-12)

Charter Revision Commission County Code

Salary Standard Commission

There is a Salary Standard Commission composed of seven members appointed by the County Council. The Commission shall report to the County Council in accordance with Local Government Article, § 10-302, of the State Code.

(1985 Code, Art. 2, § 2-101) (Bill No. 35-86; Bill No. 39-90; Bill No. 56-94; Bill No. 13-98; Bill No. 64-98; Bill No. 4-02; Bill No. 23-04)

Salary Standard Commission County Code