Frequently asked questions about the eProcurement system P.O.R.T.

The Procurement Operations Resource Technology system – or P.O.R.T. – is a secure, user-friendly, web-based eProcurement system for Anne Arundel County, Maryland. The system will help to streamline procurement processes as well as offer many new features and expanded services, including:

  • Business opportunities posted to a consolidated bid board where you can view and respond
  • A Vendor Registration system that allows a vendor to self-register and self-maintain their account.
  • Automatic email notification of business opportunities based on commodity codes entered during a vendor’s registration or profile update
  • Ability to electronically submit bids or proposals
  • Enhanced self-service vendor registration in a "one-stop shop”
  • Free online access to information and increased visibility of business opportunities
  • Free registration for vendors
  • Convenient, free online bidding
  • Free automated email notifications of new bid opportunities
  • Single access point to Anne Arundel County local agency bids
  • The P.O.R.T. system requires that you enable pop-ups for two websites for the application and online help. Click on the following link to view Browser Setup Instructions.
  • Yes. All vendors who wish to bid on future opportunities to sell products and/or services to Anne Arundel County, Maryland and its local agencies will need to register to begin online bidding for opportunities listed on the site. Anne Arundel County will still accept paper bids as well. No awards can be made without a vendor registration profile set up. All new vendors that wish to bid on future opportunities will need to register as well. No awards can be made without a vendor registration profile set up.
  • Registering in the new system is important so you don’t miss receiving bid opportunity notifications.
  • Click on the links below to learn how to register as a vendor and how to edit and manage your profile information:
  • Vendor Registration Instructions
  • Editing and Managing Your Vendor Profile

Pending status means that you have successfully registered in the P.O.R.T., system. As a registered vendor, you will have full access to all the features of P.O.R.T. – including receiving notifications about newly released solicitation (based on your selected NIGP business codes), viewing and responding to solicitations online, etc. Your status will be changed to Active once your information is validated just prior to receiving an award. If you are a current County contractor, you can expect to see your status change to Active sometime over the next year as we begin migrating existing contracts to the P.O.R.T. system.

The Bid Opportunities tab will be updated with all new Anne Arundel County solicitations that are entered via new P.O.R.T. system. For a period of time, solicitations that were published prior to using the P.O.R.T. system will remain accessible from the Purchasing Division’s Current Solicitations menu. Continue to check both pages for available opportunities. 

Click on the following link to learn How to Respond to a Solicitation.

  • As contracts are awarded through the P.O.R.T. system, the Contracts tab will display these Anne Arundel County contracts. NOTE: The Contract Board will only list contracts that were entered via the P.O.R.T. system. That means that for some period of time there will still be contracts that were awarded manually (i.e. not through P.O.R.T.). Therefore, you must look in two places to view all contracts awarded in Anne Arundel County. To view manually awarded contracts click here.
  • Click on the following link to view Contract Board Instructions

If you are a supplier and wish to raise a new request please visit https://suppliersupport.proactisservicedesk.com

  • WebProcure is Proactis’ software application that is being utilized within the secure P.O.R.T. website for vendor registration, posting and awarding solicitations and bids, sending email notifications to prospective vendors, and providing a way for users to easily view awarded contract information.
  • Vendors have access to login and manage their vendor profiles. Once you log in, click on the company name with the drop-down arrow. Click My Account. Vendors are expected to keep the most up-to-date contact information with a correct email address for solicitation notifications.
  • Click on the following link below to about Editing and Managing Your Vendor Profile.
  • Once vendors register, they can log in and click on the "Need Help" drop down and click "Online Help". This page has context sensitive instructions on how to submit bids.
  • How to Respond to a Solicitation