Upcoming Procurement Opportunities

The Upcoming Procurement Opportunities are a forecast of upcoming procurements and are not exhaustive of all procurements with the County.  These lists are also not a guarantee they will occur but are potential planned procurements based on the County's forecast at the time of publication.  The County in its sole discretion will publish events through its eProcurement Tool (PORT) when it has deemed the need to do so.  For notification of procurement publication by the County please register with PORT.

Project NumberPublic Project NameDetailed DescriptionProject Phase07 - Bid & Award Start
H583702Cherry Road DrainageThis project will improve the drainage along Pleasant Plains Road near the Cherry Road Intersection.3 - Design Development07.12.2023
C5378102Animal Control Building GeneratorThis project will design and construct the addition of a generator for the Animal Control Building.4 - Contract Documents08.08.2023
P372005South Shore Trail Phase 2This Contract includes the design and construction of Phase 2 of the South Shore Trail utilizing the abandoned WB & A railroad ROW, from Sappington Station Road in Odenton to Bon Heur Road in Millersville.6 - Bid & Award08.28.2023
P588402Crownsville Patient Cemetery MemorialDesign and construction for cemetery memorial2 - Schematic Design12.12.2023
H587101Old Mill Middle School Offsite ImprovementsThis project will complete a traffic analysis for a possible extension of Old Mill Road to Oakwood Road, recommend any required improvements for acceptable traffic operations in association with the Old Mill Middle School South construction project, and design and construct the recommended improvements.6 - Bid & Award12.16.2023
N578801Millersville Landfill Subcell 9.3This project is to design and construct Subcell 9.3 at the Millersville Landfill and Resource Recovery Facility. Subcell 9.3 is the third of five subcells which comprise Cell 9.6 - Bid & Award12.29.2023
H566801McKendree Road Culvert over Lyons CreekThis project will remove and replace the culvert that carries McKendree Road over Lyons Creek and further correct the structurally deficient condition of the existing multicell culvert.4 - Contract Documents01.01.2024
P584501Jug Bay Environmental Education CenterDesign and construction of an environmental education and research center along the Patuxent River within the Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary.6 - Bid & Award01.04.2024
C5378108Arundel Center North HVAC System ReplacementReplace building HVAC system and upgrade the Building Automation System and controls. Project scope increased to include roof replacement.6 - Bid & Award02.12.2024
C537896Heritage Office Complex Roof Top Unit ReplacementThis project will design and replace the roof top units at the Heritage Office Complex.6 - Bid & Award02.14.2024
H569601Monterey Avenue SidewalkThis project will design, acquire right of way, and construct a sidewalk along Monterey Avenue between Odenton Road and June Drive.5 - Bid Documents03.04.2024
H478863College Parkway at Broadneck Park Intersection ImprovementsThis project includes intersection improvements at College Parkway and Broadneck Road / Destiny Circle to allow a new right turn lane from southbound College Parkway onto Broadneck Park Road.5 - Bid Documents03.09.2024
H508426Valley Road SidewalkThis project will install sidewalks along Valley Road between Knollwood Drive and Wayward Drive.5 - Bid Documents03.20.2024
H564011Arundel Mills Mall Bus Shelter EnhancementsThis project will perform enhancements to the existing bus shelter at the Arundel Mills Mall.5 - Bid Documents04.10.2024
P584401Odenton Library Community ParkThis project is for the design, permitting and construction of a community park adjacent to the Odenton Regional Library in Odenton.5 - Bid Documents04.17.2024
H547802Brock Bridge Road SidewalkDesign, ROW acquisition and construction of an ADA-compliant sidewalk along the northbound lane of Brock Bridge Road. This sidewalk segment will be approximately 600 feet in length. It is anticipated that a utility relocations, retaining wall construction and stormwater management will also be required. This project is 100% eligible for use of impact fees in District 4.5 - Bid Documents05.03.2024
F580501Jennifer Road Detention Center Parking LotThis project will design & construct the new parking lot across the fire station. This project is being designed with H581501.4 - Contract Documents05.04.2024
C5378113Heritage Office Complex Balcony RepairsThis project will repair leaks at the balcony of the heritage Office Complex.6 - Bid & Award05.12.2024
H587102Old Mill Middle School Offsite SidewalkThis project will design sidewalk to complete the network of pedestrian access to the new school.4 - Contract Documents06.14.2024
P535908Fort Smallwood Park Renovations Phase IIBDesign and construction of the Barracks and associated improvements.5 - Bid Documents06.15.2024
C478351School Sidewalk - Parole and Vincent StreetsProcurement of ROW, design, construction management & construction of a sidewalk in many location for FY19/FY20. Vincent Parole is our first focus project.4 - Contract Documents06.19.2024
H586803West County Elementary School Bypass LaneCreate a temporary bypass lane at the West County Elementary School to provide traffic relief during morning and afternoon parent drop offs.4 - Contract Documents06.24.2024
P588001Bacon Ridge Natural Area Forney PropertyThis project is for the design, permitting and construction of the mountain bike facilities, expanded equestrian, biker & hiker trails, restrooms, parking, facilities for park rangers, SWM, landscape and related amenities.4 - Contract Documents06.27.2024
P479851Corkran Middle School Concessions BuildingReplacement of the existing restroom/concession building and additional parking at Corkran Middle School.4 - Contract Documents06.30.2024
H580001MD Rte 175 SidewalksThis project funds a County contribution to the State project to design, acquire rights of way, and construct a sidewalk along the south side of MD Rte 175 (Annapolis Road) from the Sappington Station Roundabout to MD Rte 170.3 - Design Development07.02.2024
P587901Tanyard Springs Park DevelopmentThis project is for the design, permitting and construction of a new active recreational park with sports fields, restrooms, parking, pavilion, utilities, sidewalks, SWM, landscape and related amenities.5 - Bid Documents07.02.2024
P567102Millersville Park Site DevelopmentThis contract consists of design and construction of up to five multi-purpose grass fields, parking lot, utility services, and walking path. Millersville Park is 33-acres and located on Millersville Road.4 - Contract Documents07.02.2024
P584702Mayo Beach Park Day Camp BuildingThis project is to design and construct the raze and rebuild of the Day Camp Bldg. at the Mayo Beach Park as recommended in the Condition Assessment for Anne Arundel County, September 3, 2021 - Contract Number: P582101 Project Number: P582100.5 - Bid Documents07.02.2024
P468709Spriggs Farm Park Shoreline ProtectionDesign and construction of approximately 400 lf of shoreline protection for Spriggs Farm Park. Park is located at 965 Bayberry Drive, Arnold, MD 21012.3 - Design Development07.08.2024
P468715Lake Waterford DredgingDesign of Lake Waterford Sediment Removal.3 - Design Development07.08.2024
H564009Ridge Road Sidewalk - Bear Paw Lane to Thames River DriveThis contract will install sidewalk along the west side of MD 713 (Ridge Road) from Bear Paw Lane to Thames River Drive.5 - Bid Documents07.22.2024
C562405Davidsonville Yard Salt BarnThis contract includes design and construction of a new salt storage structure at the Davidsonville Road Operations Yard.2 - Schematic Design07.26.2024
F543917Fire Suppression Tanks FY24This project will repair or replace existing underground water/fire suppression tanks in communities not served by public water to ensure proper function when needed. The identified inventory includes over 400 tanks. This contract has 44 tanks (FY 14 and FY 15 partial)4 - Contract Documents07.28.2024
P584608Quiet Waters ADA RepairsRepairs as specified in the conditions assessment report and bringing both buildings into ADA compliance.2 - Schematic Design07.29.2024
Q588501Mill Creek DredgingThis project will provide for the planning, design and dredging of approximately 2500 cubic yards of material from Mill Creek.2 - Schematic Design07.29.2024
Q588502Podickory Creek DredgingThis project will provide for the planning, design and dredging of approximately 4000 cubic yards of material from Podickory Creek.2 - Schematic Design07.29.2024
H581702MD 3 at Riedel RoadThis project will realign the westbound Riedel Road approach to MD 3 northbound to provide adequate turning radii.5 - Bid Documents08.04.2024
C478354Elvaton Road Sidewalk - Elvaton Towne Road to Shetlands LaneConstruction of a sidewalk along Elvaton Road from Elvaton Towne Road to Shetlands Lane.4 - Contract Documents08.08.2024
H586701Outing Avenue Retaining WallsThis project will design and construct replacement of deteriorated timber and masonry retaining walls along Outing Avenue between Tiernan Drive and the Green Haven Wharf.4 - Contract Documents08.10.2024
H579701Odenton Area SidewalksThis project will design, acquire rights of way, and construct sidewalks on one side of Hammond Lane, Monie Road and Higgins Drive to provide a safe way for students from the community to get to Arundel Middle School.3 - Design Development08.20.2024
F580301Cape St. Claire Fire Station ReplacementThis contract will require design and construction of the new Cape St. Claire Fire Station, 4 bays and community room address - 1411 Cape St. Claire Road5 - Bid Documents08.21.2024
H478864Baltimore & Annapolis Boulevard Pedestrian/Bike Improvements - ArnoldThis project will provide improvements to accommodate the continuation of bike lanes near the Fire Station, including widening shoulders and consideration of the addition of sidewalks.4 - Contract Documents08.31.2024
P573202Wilson House ImprovementsThis project will upgrade the structural and architectural aspects of the existing Wilson House located at Hot Sox Park.3 - Design Development09.03.2024
C5378119North Aquatic Center RoofExpenses associated with construction of a new roof4 - Contract Documents09.06.2024
H581501Jennifer Road Shared Use PathDesign and construct sidewalk at Jennifer Road.4 - Contract Documents09.11.2024
H563705MD 173 SidewalkThe SHA will design, acquire right of way, and construct a sidewalk along MD 173 from Duvall Highway to Riviera Drive. This contract is for the County's share of expenses. SHA Contract No.: AA178012412 (per 10/19/21 LOA, AA1785179)4 - Contract Documents09.12.2024
C582601Arnold Senior Center Renovation and ExpansionThis contract will include renovation and expansion of the existing facility to accommodate the projected expansion of outreach, enrichment programs and attendants. The site will also be expanded to accommodate additional parking and improved traffic circulation4 - Contract Documents09.21.2024
C580001West County Road Operations Yard FacilityThis project includes the design and construction of a new road operations facility to replace the existing Odenton Yard at 1427 Duckens Street.3 - Design Development10.02.2024
C478353Hammonds Ferry Road Sidewalk - Kingbrook Road to Kingwood RoadConstruction of a sidewalk along Hammonds Ferry Road from Kingbrook Road to Kingwood Road.3 - Design Development10.20.2024
P570003North Arundel Swim Center Splash PadsDesign and installation of splash pads at N. Arundel Aquatic Center.4 - Contract Documents10.22.2024
C589201Transportation Operations FacilityThis project is for the land acquisition, design and construction of a Transportation Operations Facility to house the County's transit fleet and operations and maintenance staff.2 - Schematic Design10.23.2024
F580601Police Special Operations FacilityThis project is to relocate the Special Operations Quick Response Team (QRT) and K-9 Units from the old B & A Utility building property in Glen Burnie to a more convenient location within walking distance of the existing Special Operations offices and K-9 center. The proposed project would occupy the wooded area next to the Combined Support Services Complex between the K-9 center and I-97 already owned by the County. The primary building would be a pre-engineered structure and would also include approx. 3,900 sq ft addition/renovation to the existing K-9 center.4 - Contract Documents10.23.2024
C5378120Park Septic ReplacementReplace and upgrade existing septic system in existing parks - Downs Parks and Lake Waterford Park2 - Schematic Design11.08.2024
H564008MD713 Shared Use Path - Arundel Way to MD 176This contract is for the design, right-of-way acquisition and construction of a shared use path along the east side of MD713 (Ridge Road) from Arundel Way to MD 176 (Dorsey Road). The project will place a tunnel under the MD 100 off ramp in the south west quadrant. The overall project will be funded by LDC money in a 80/20 split with Fed funds - LCD will pay 100% of current design costs and 20% of all project costs.4 - Contract Documents11.15.2024
P570004North Aquatic Center - Site ImprovementsDesign and construction of site improvements including turf field, bathroom, and parking.2 - Schematic Design11.18.2024
C5378128Arundel Center North Fire Alarm UpgradesUpgrade and replacement of the fire alarm system at Arundel Center North6 - Bid & Award11.22.2024
P468714Hancock Park Shoreline ProtectionDesign and stabilize approximately 500 linear feet of shoreline at Hancock's Resolution.3 - Design Development11.26.2024
F586601New Police Firing RangeConstruction of a fully enclosed indoor firing range on the existing Academy property. Based on a capital project study conducted by Clark Nexsen which reviewed number of rounds fired annually and detailed the current uses of the existing range, a plan for 12 handgun lanes and 12 rifle/handgun lanes was developed to accommodate existing needs to include restrooms, storage and weapons cleaning. Project includes restrooms, storage, and weapons cleaning area.3 - Design Development12.14.2024
H573102MD175 at Redbud Road and Chestnut Road ImprovementsThis contract will design, acquire rights of way, and construct improvements along MD 175 (Annapolis Road), Redbud Avenue, Champion Forest Avenue, Chestnut Avenue, Race Road, and National Business Parkway providing improved vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian access to the new Jessup Elementary School and the corridor. This project is 100% Impact Fee eligible in Transportation Districts 6 and 4.4 - Contract Documents12.17.2024
C589101CSSC Water Supply.This project will replace the existing water system at the CSSC complex with a municipal water connection via an extension from Veterans highway.3 - Design Development12.19.2024
H564004Ridge Chapel Road SidewalkFor design, right of way acquisition and construction of sidewalk and related road improvements along the west side of Ridge Chapel Road in front of Hebron-Harmon Elementary School.2 - Schematic Design12.21.2024
P570205Eisenhower Golf Course ClubhouseDesign and Construction of a clubhouse at Eisenhower Golf Course.4 - Contract Documents12.23.2024
F589601Ordnance Road Comprehensive Re-entry HubThis reentry hub will provide services to the internal population and to individuals on the House Arrest Alternative Sentencing Program (HAASP) and the Pretrial Supervised Release Unit (PSRU). Unit C1 will be converted into appropriate space for various services such as seminars, training classes, mental health assistance, housing and transportation, and addiction counseling1 - Contract Initiation12.29.2024

Project Class: Wastewater (S)

Project NumberPublic Project NameDetailed DescriptionProject Phase07 - Bid & Award Start
X764274SPS Controls & Energy StudyThis contract will provide for a review of the current pumps station controls strategies to modernize and standardize our SPS control programs. Work will also include evaluating new technology to reduce SPS energy consumption and maintenance costs through VFD monitoring and control.SPS - Sewer Pumping Station06.14.2024
X7388303Large Dia Relining CountywideDesign and construction of cured in place sewer lining of approximately 39 lf of 21" sewer main, 1,296 lf of 18" sewer main, and 1,590 lf of 15" sewer main in the Arnold, Baltimore, Glen Burnie, Crofton, Linthicum Heights, and Severn areas of Anne Arundel County. Traffic, permits, Critical Area coordination, work location access, and bypass plans will be designed by A/E. CMI services to be provided under new CM/I task order contractFM - Sewer Force Main07.21.2024
S806104Cox Creek Non ENR - Misc. 2The scope consists of the following: 1. Improvements to Drain Pump Station including replacement of pumps, valves and HVAC system, 2. installation of NPW to the Digester Building and 3. Improvements to High Flow/FM meter signal issues.WRF - Water Reclamation Facility07.21.2024
X7388321Annapolis Roads FM ReplaceDesign and replacement of approximately 2,450 LF of 4" DIP from Annapolis Roads SPS with 6" due to age and capacity increase.FM - Sewer Force Main07.21.2024
S7918186Cape Anne/Lerch Dr. SPS UpgrdDesign, construction, and inspection of Cape Anne and Lerch Drive SPS upgrades to meet current control and operational standards. This is now only Cape Anne SPS. Project divided into two - Lerch Dr SPS has new project number S7918202.SPS - Sewer Pumping Station07.21.2024
S806227SPS Fac Gen Replace Phase 19Replacement of generators and fuel tanks at nine (9) sewage pumping stations namely, Russett 2, Brandon Woods Business Park, Schramms Crossing, East West Bvld, Ulmstead Estates, Loretta Hts, Hillsmere 3, Hillsmere 4, and Hillsmere 6. This project also includes the replacement of transfer switch at Barbers Trailer sewage pumping station.SPS - Sewer Pumping Station07.22.2024
S809001Broadwater WRF Grit Sys Repl. (01)Work includes design, construction, and inspection of new grit removal facilities at the Broadwater WRF to replace the existing aging equipment. Wetwell coating project (S802356) combined with the new grit system project.WRF - Water Reclamation Facility07.22.2024
X7388270Special Lateral Repl Phase 18Replacement of sewer laterals designated as special due to depth, high groundwater, configuration, utility interference, or any other non-standard condition.GS -Gravity Sewer07.24.2024
S802379Mech Equip Washdown Bay ImprvThis contract includes modifications to the washdown bay in the mechanical shop area. Improvements will include ventilation, washdown water control, and upgrades suitable for operating in a wet and/or high moisture environment.OTHER - Other07.24.2024
S7918187Freetown SPS UpgradeDesign, construction, and inspection of Freetown SPS upgrades to meet current control and operational standards.SPS - Sewer Pumping Station07.24.2024
X7388293Fishing Crk Frms Piping ReplThis contract will provide for the construction and inspection of replacement of the low pressure piping and appurtenances in the Fishing Creek Farms vicinity. The collection system has experienced numerous main blockages and grinder pump wear issues resulting in emergency responses by Utility Operations. Grinder pump replacement will be performed under a separate contract.SPS - Sewer Pumping Station07.28.2024
X7388308Aspen Park FM ReplacementThis project is for the design and replacement of the Aspen Park Force Main from Aspen Park SPS to Freetown SPS.FM - Sewer Force Main07.28.2024
S799213Shoreham Beach I SPS & FM (01)Work on this contract includes an analysis of problems associated with the Shoreham Beach I SPS force main and recommendation for improvements. Work will also include coordination of improvements with Shoreham Beach I and II sewer pump stations upgrade. Construction and inspection of both Shoreham Beach SPS I and II work and the FM will be completed under Contract No. S799214.FM - Sewer Force Main07.28.2024
S797906Broadneck WRF Grit Sys. Imp.This contract includes design, inspection, and construction for improvements to the grit removal process, influent flow meter, hydraulic bottle neck improvements between the oxidation ditch and the distribution box and other related items.WRF - Water Reclamation Facility07.29.2024
S7918188Cape St Claire 4 & 8 UpgradeDesign, construction, and inspection of Cape St. Claire 4 & Cape St. Claire 8 SPS upgrades to increase capacity and meet current control and operational standards.SPS - Sewer Pumping Station07.29.2024
S809401Cox Creek Permeate Piping Modi (01)This project is for the design, construction and inspection of modifications to the permeate piping at the Co Creek WRF.WRF - Water Reclamation Facility07.29.2024
X7388242Stoney Run Gravity Line Mods (242)This contract will modify the gravity line near Stoney Run. New pipe and manholes will be installed to reduce hydraulic restrictions. OBG assigned as OE A/EGS -Gravity Sewer07.29.2024
S7918179Severn Run SPS UpgradeDesign and construction to upgrade the existing sewage pumping station to meet current control and operational standards. Specific upgrades include replace pumps, replace valves, painting, grating, upgrade controls including VFDs, flow meters etc.SPS - Sewer Pumping Station07.30.2024
S769702Mayo WRF Expansion (02)This contract consists of the design of a force main from the existing Mayo WRF Pump Station to the Annapolis WRF. This contract also includes the design of a force main from the existing Glebe Heights Pump Station to Distribution Box A (D-Box A) located within the Mayo WRF site. Construction and Construction Management associated with the design work above is continued under contracts S769711 (Mayo and Annapolis WRF improvements), S769717 (Loch Haven FM), S769718 (South River FM), S769719 (Quiet Waters Park FM), S769720 (Hillsmere FM), S769721 (Edgewood GS), and S769722 (Mayo Decommissioning)FM - Sewer Force Main08.05.2024
S807303Annap WRF Elec/Emer Pwr UpgrdThis contract includes inspection, and construction for replacement and upgrade of electrical power distribution and emergency power equipment and interconnections at the Annapolis WRF. Design contract is a progressive award under S807301 - Annapolis WRF Upgrade. The design schedule in this contract will mirror the design schedule in S807301.WRF - Water Reclamation Facility08.06.2024
X7388322Marley Neck FM BypassAbandonment of 24" FM that roughly parallels Cross-Country FMs and permanent bypass for tie-in to the 42" Cross Country FM. Design cost contained under CO to X7388269. AE has confirmed that fee will cover as long as survey work is not required. Project coordinates with ARV replacement under S087-PH2 (design under X7388) and rebuilding of Cox Creek entrance road.FM - Sewer Force Main08.12.2024
X7388317MH F&C Repl-Pasadena Sev ParkAdjustment of approximately 1,550 sewer manhole frames and covers, and replacement of approximately 2,200 sewer manhole covers in Pasadena and Severna Park.GS -Gravity Sewer08.14.2024
X7388298Parole SPS ARV ReplacementsReplacement of ARV V21240, V21238 and V21234 on the Parole SPS FM and the isolation valve between ARV V21501 and Parole FM and replace ARV V21501 (Annapolis Roads) and V10701 (Storch Property) in the Patuxent SSA.FM - Sewer Force Main08.15.2024
S808202Fishing Creek Farms LPS Repl.Utility Operations has observed higher rates of system callouts and failures in areas where sewer services is being provided by grinder pumps and private water wells are also being used. This contract will conduct an evaluation of the existing low pressure systems to determine the reason for the high failure rates of these systems. A recommendation for improvements will be provided.FM - Sewer Force Main08.17.2024
S8046-SMART LOCKSWWSS-SMART LOCKS (S8046-SMART LOCKS)Design and construction of Smart Locks at 8 WRF's.WRF - Water Reclamation Facility09.02.2024
X7388299Mayo LP Sewer Iso Valve ReplReplacement of the existing PVC Isolation Valves and ARVs between the LP sewer and the force main at 160 locations.FM - Sewer Force Main09.06.2024
X73883026"-12" CIPP Lining-South CntyDesign and construction of cured in place sewer lining of approximately 121,000 lf of 8" sewer main and 1,200 lf of 10" sewer main in the Deale, North beach, Odenton, Severn, and Shadyside areas of Anne Arundel County. Traffic, permits, Critical Area coordination, and work location access will be designed by A/E. CMI services to be provided under new CM/I task order contractFM - Sewer Force Main09.13.2024
X7388283Cedar Road FM ReplacementDesign, construction and inspection for the replacement of approximately 1400 feet of 4 inch Force Main from Cedar Road SPS to MH2429.FM - Sewer Force Main09.15.2024
X7388304Cross Country FM ARV RehabRehabilitation of four (4) ARVs and associated piping and structures on the Cross Country Force Main. Design combined with S806702 under this project (X7388304).FM - Sewer Force Main10.20.2024
S7918185Little Pax/Russ 3 SPS PumpsThis project is for the design and construction of new pumps for the Little Patuxent, along with other upgrades to the station. Russett 3 SD was completed under this contract, the remainder of the design and construction will be under S7918203.SPS - Sewer Pumping Station10.28.2024
S7918207SPS Asset ManagementWork on this contract will involve asset management related tasks for sewer pump stations.SPS - Sewer Pumping Station11.14.2024
S802382WRF Load Bank & SwitchesThe contract will provide for the evaluation, design, construction, and inspection of the load bank and transfer switches at the MD City, Patuxent, Broadwater, Mayo SPS, Breakneck, Cox Creek, Piney Orchard.WRF - Water Reclamation Facility11.18.2024
S802373Millersville Bldg A Roof-SwrWork on this contract will include design, construction, and inspection services needed for the roof replacement in Building A of the Millersville Complex. Repairs and improvements to the HVAC insulation will also be included. (ESR 158)OTHER - Other11.21.2024
X7388259Whitehall Road SPS (259)This child project includes redesign of the Rte 50 SPS to eliminate conflict with location in a limited access SHA Right of Way. This SPS will replace the Rte 50 sewer crossing from MH 19247. Work will be done in one phase. CM/I (Century) under X7388135.SPS - Sewer Pumping Station11.21.2024
X7388135Rte 50 Sewer Crossing (135)This contract incudes the investigation, design and construction necessary to rehabilitate or replace the Route 50 sewer crossing at MH19247. See X7388259SPS - Sewer Pumping Station11.21.2024
X7388319Special Lat. Repl. CountywideReplacement of sewer laterals in Glen Burnie designated as special due to depth, high groundwater, configuration, utility interference, or any other non-standard condition.GS -Gravity Sewer12.30.2024
X7388323Manhole Rehabilitation Phs 2To provide a condition Assessment and recommended rehabilitation for (50) Manholes in various locations throughout Anne Arundel County.OTHER - Other01.16.2025
S7918191Woodland Beach SPS UpgradeDesign, construction, and inspection of new pumps for Woodland Beach SPS and other upgrades required to meet current control and operational standards. Specific work includes KSB pumps replacement and associated electrical and mechanical upgrades, replace grinder, blower, potable water to station, addition of restroom, odor control, code compliance etc.SPS - Sewer Pumping Station01.20.2025
S769724Mayo Regional SPS Site Imprv.This contract will provide for the construction of improvements to the Mayo Regional SPS site to support the future use of the facility to serve the broader Mayo SSA.SPS - Sewer Pumping Station01.30.2025
S792707Qtrfield Elementary SPS DemoThis contract includes decommissioning and demolition of the abandoned Quarterfield Elementary SPS. Work is being combined with Evergreen Commons Demo (S792710).OTHER - Other02.08.2025
S792710Evergreen Commons SPS Decom.Work on this contract will include the decommissioning and demolition of the Evergreen Commons SPS. Salvage items will be identified and turned over to the County.OTHER - Other02.08.2025
S7918198Cattail Creek SPS UpgradeDesign and construction of new pumps for Cattail Creek SPS and other upgrades required to meet current control and operational standards. Specific work includes pumps (3 nos.), valves, flow meter, electrical & controls, odor control, cathodic protection, condition assessment.SPS - Sewer Pumping Station02.13.2025
S802374Patux. WRF Mudwell Bldg RehabThe contract will include investigating the existing mudwell tank and discharge lines, improving safety features, examining the drainage problems in the basement, and upgrading the existing office area, restroom, and locker room area.OTHER - Other03.11.2025
X7388125ROW Clearing - Deale Area (125)Right-of-Way Clearing in the Deale Area for approximately 10,500 LF along a sewer interceptor in the Critical Area.OTHER - Other04.02.2025
S810101Minor System Program Develop.Design, construction, and inspection work related to the development and implementation of ENR treatment at Boone's Estates, Holiday Estates, Lyon's Creek, Maryland Manor, Patuxent Mobile Estates and Wayson Woods. Work to include a new ENR treatment facilities including headworks and solids handling at each location except for Patuxent Mobile Estates and Holiday Estates which will have a pump station and forcemain to ultimately connect to ENR treatment plants.WRF - Water Reclamation Facility04.23.2025

Project Class: Water (W)

Project NumberPublic Project NameDetailed DescriptionProject Phase07 - Bid & Award Start
W804007Broad Creek WTP Upgrade (07)This contract includes the planning, design, and construction to upgrade the existing process trains at the Broad Creek WTP. Work will also include modifications to the residuals handling system.WTP - Water Treatment Plant05.14.2024
W744477Phase 9 Well ConstructionReconstruction, redevelopment, re-drilling, testing and the installation of new pumps, motors and appurtenances in certain high capacity production wells owned and operated by Anne Arundel County DPW.WELL - Raw Water Well05.27.2024
W7444-FY25Phase 9 - Well Construction (FY25)Phase 9 Well ConstructionWELL - Raw Water Well05.27.2024
X7337180Bonnet Bolts Phase 7Rehabilitation of deteriorated 6"-16" water valves countywide.WM - Water Main06.29.2024
W809702Crofton Meadows II HVAC ImprvThis contract includes design, construction, and inspection services for upgrades and improvements to heating and ventilation system in the high-lift and low-lift pumping stations at the Crofton Meadows WTP.OTHER - Other07.08.2024
W799602EWST - Bacontown (02)Design and Construction of a 2 million gallon elevated water storage tank and transmission main.EWST - Elevated Water Storage Tank07.11.2024
X7337109Clean/Line North Severna Park (109)Design and construction for cleaning and lining approximately 10,890 lf of 6", 4,240 lf of 8", and 2,725 lf of 10" waterline in North Severna Park, Robinson Knolls. Inspection will be performed under X7388165 or X7388239.WM - Water Main07.14.2024
X787072EWST Evaluation Phase EThis contract is for the inspection and evaluation of existing elevated water storage tanks, for development of priority lists for future tank rehab contracts. Contract will be 1 year contract with 5 renewable years. Engineers Estimate is for 1 single year.EWST - Elevated Water Storage Tank07.16.2024
Y514277B&A Blvd Water Main ExtensionThe contract will include an extension of a smaller existing water main along Baltimore Annapolis Blvd to improve the water quality for the homes at the end of the line near the Baltimore City boundary.WM - Water Main08.01.2024
W801401Crofton Meadows II Exp Ph 2 (01)This contract will increase the capacity of the Crofton Meadows II WTP from 15 to 20 MGD by adding additional sedimentation basins, filters, and a clarifier.WTP - Water Treatment Plant08.06.2024
W805801Whiskey Bottom Road Interconn (01)This project is for the design, right of way acquisition and construction of approximately 1,600 LF of new 12" water main connecting the existing water main in Whiskey Bottom Road to the Howard County Public Water System.WM - Water Main08.26.2024
W803347Outdoor Sampling StationsThis contract (phase 1) will provide approx. 30/75 outdoor sampling stations at locations determined by Water Operations. Work will involve a limited amount of engineering work, and easements and R/W as required.OTHER - Other09.01.2024
X7337176SHA Woods Matt Fire H ReplThis is a renewable contract to replace Woods Matthews fire hydrants on SHA roadways Countywide. There will be a base year and four 1-year renewals. All fire hydrants being replaced are Woods Matthews hydrants for which parts are no longer available. Duration 365 CD.WM - Water Main09.27.2024
W803601East / West TM Phase I (01)Design, rights of way acquisition and construction of water transmission main that will transfer water from Glen Burnie Low-Pressure Zone (Arnold WTP and Crofton Meadows WTP ) to Glen Burnie High-Pressure and Airport Square Pressure Zones to minimize dependence on Baltimore City water. This phase will cover the section between the 36" TM at Waterford Road and Old Mill EWST. Design will result in multiple phases of construction.WM - Water Main10.11.2024
X800113MD 173 WM Relocation (SHA)The contract will provide planning, design, construction, and inspection of work related to replacement of existing water main along Ft. Smallwood Rd (MD 173) from the intersection of Duvall Hwy to Kenton Rd (SHA AA1785179)WM - Water Main10.31.2024
W810501Lead Service Line Repl. (01)This project includes the design, inspection and construction services for the replacement of all lead house connections in the County.WM - Water Main11.09.2024
W803353Small Water Asset ManagementWork on this contract will involve asset management related tasks for smaller water facilities including self-contained wells and water booster stations.WBS - Water Booster Pump Station11.14.2024
W803354WTP Asset ManagementWork on this contract will involve asset management related tasks for water infrastructure associated with water treatment facilities.WTP - Water Treatment Plant11.14.2024
W803349Millersville Bldg A Roof-WtrWork on this contract will include design, construction, and inspection services needed for the roof replacement in Building A of the Millersville Complex. Repairs and improvements to the HVAC insulation will also be included. Project will include HVAC ducting, testing and balancing.OTHER - Other11.21.2024
X7337177Wtr Serv Rel - 7477 B&A BlvdInvestigate the feasibility of relocating 13 commercial meters and one residential meter to County standards at property line, including relocation/ replacement of 4 galvanized services, two with double settings in a 54-in narrow alley. Investigate feasibility of redirecting/realigning water connection from under building for meters 15, 16 & 17. There are more than 14 meters located at the subject property and most do not comply with the County standard to locate the meter at the property line. There is also a service line that runs under the building servicing three meters at the west end of the building. Costs will be developed for the feasibility of relocation and replacement for the galvanized meters that are not accessible or maintainable. Construction/relocation is included in this contract.WM - Water Main12.21.2024
Y514272Hanover Road Corridor (72)This contract includes design of approximately 1,400 LF of 12" water main connecting Hanover Road with Stoney Run Road. This contract is in conjunction with H566701.WM - Water Main01.01.2025
W800222WSS Smart LocksDesign and installation of a card reader access system at elevated water storage tanks. This will allow County DPW Operations better access control and the ability to track and record personnel who are entering these facilities.OTHER - Other01.01.2025
W803350Severndale WTP Fire Imprv.This contract includes design, construction, and inspection services for upgrades and improvements to the fire suppression system and fire alarms at the Severndale WTPOTHER - Other01.26.2025
W799611EWST - Cedar Tree (11)Design and construction of a new 2 MG tank in Ferndale, MD.EWST - Elevated Water Storage Tank01.29.2025
W803351Arnold WTP Aerator RehabThis contract includes design, construction, and inspection related to the rehabilitation of the aerators at the Arnold WTP.WTP - Water Treatment Plant01.30.2025
W797608Aquifer Storage Recovery (08)This contract included the investigation and evaluation of the use of Aquifer Storage Recovery in the County, and subsequent design of an ASR well.OTHER - Other03.13.2025
W7444-FY26Phase 10 - Well Construction (FY26)Phase 10 Well ConstructionWELL - Raw Water Well03.31.2025
Y514278Andorick Acres WM ExtensionThis contract includes design services for the extension of public water to serve the Andorick Acres community. This extension would provide service to 55 homes. This is part of a valid petition.WM - Water Main04.06.2025
W753416Belvedere EWST Demo. Assess.The Scope of Work for this project is to provide the Architect/Engineer (A/E) services necessary to develop a Schematic Design document and estimated construction costs for the demolition of the Belvedere EWST.EWST - Elevated Water Storage Tank04.17.2025
W801809Arnold Well #11 Raw Water TM (09)This contract includes the design and construction of a raw water transmission main from the Well AR-11 site to the Arnold WTP.WM - Water Main05.01.2025