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A Citation, issued by the County Executive's Office, is the formal act of identifying an individual for something they accomplished. 

Examples Include:

  • Earning an Eagle Scout badge
  • To acknowledge a retirement
  • Employee recognition
  • Acknowledging a citizen's bravery or community service act

A Proclamation is an official public announcement regarding a matter of great importance. 

Examples Include:

  • President Eisenhower signed a proclamation admitting Alaska to the Union.
  • Or, closer to home, the County Executive recently proclaimed the official beginning of the Census 2020. 

NOTE:  Proclamations are not used to announce retirements or regularly occurring events or to recognize an individual. 

Request a Citation

To request a citation please fill out the request form linked below: 

Citation Request Form

  • Requests should be made 10 working days in advance of the event. 
  • Please let us know if you have been working with someone from our Community Engagement and Constituent Services Office.
  • Please note that multiple citations requested for athletic teams will be decided on a case-by-case basis reserving the option to create one citation for the entire team.

Request a Proclamation

All requests for proclamations should be submitted 30 days in advance to the County Executive's office. The County Executive's office will make the final determination to issue a Proclamation. 

Proclamation Request Form