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The Purchasing Division of the Office of Central Services is responsible for purchasing supplies, materials and equipment for all County Government department and agency operations. It is also responsible for procuring all contracts for construction and consultant services.

All purchases of goods, services and construction must be made in accordance with rules and regulations as specified in the Anne Arundel County Code and Purchasing Regulations.


eProcurement System

The County has moved to a secure, web-based eProcurement system called P.O.R.T.  The system will help streamline the procurement process and will offer vendors new features and expanded services.

In order to take advantage of many new capabilities, you must register and create a login to your secure Vendor Portal. Click on the “Getting Started” PDF below for an overview of how P.O.R.T. will benefit your company and to locate a number of online documents to help you navigate the new system.  These documents provide step-by-step instructions detailing:

  • How to register your company with the  P.O.R.T. e-Procurement system,
  • How to edit and maintain your vendor profile information,
  • How to view current solicitations,
  • How to respond to a solicitation online, and
  • How to view awarded contracts.

Getting Started


Procedures are dictated by the price of goods/services:

  • Purchases up to $5,000.00 - one quote required
  • Purchases exceeding $5,000 to $25,000 - attempt to obtain three quotes confirmed in writing
  • Purchases over $25,000 - formal public solicitation requiring advertising in a newspaper of general circulation

Bonding Requirements

All capital construction projects require Bid Bonds (5% of the proposed price), Performance Bond (100% of award amount), and Labor and Material Bond (50% of award amount).

Commodity/Service Invitations for Bids (IFB) and Requests for Proposals (RFP) may require any of the bonds stated above. The requirement will be specified in the IFB or RFP when applicable.

Insurance Requirements

All service and construction contracts require insurance certificates for general liability, workers compensation, and may require automobile liability naming the County as an additional insured.

Bids, Solicitations, Results

Contractors interested in Capital Construction Contracts are required to complete the Capital Improvement Project Bid List (New Bid List) in order to be added to the list of businesses notified when the County is soliciting bids for Capital Improvement Projects. The form can also be provided by the Purchasing Office by contacting (410) 222-7620.

Architects and Engineers interested in participating in County projects should submit a Modified SF 254 Form identifying the County disciplines for which they wish to be pre-qualified. The form may be obtained by calling (202) 512-1800 (U.S. Government Printing Office).

All forms should be forwarded to:

Anne Arundel County Purchasing Division
P.O. Box 6675
Annapolis, Maryland 21401
Fax: (410) 222-7624

Email: [email protected] –or– [email protected]


Due to the recent implementation of the County’s new P.O.R.T. eProcurement system there are two lists of solicitations that are currently active (those issued within P.O.R.T. and those issued outside of P.O.R.T.).  Click on the “Bid Opportunities” button below to view both lists of available solicitation. 

Bid Opportunities

Bid Results

Again, due to the recent implementation of the County’s new P.O.R.T. eProcurement system there are two places to look to view the results of the selection process.  Click on the “Bid Results” button below to view the results of solicitations that were entered outside of the P.O.R.T. eProcurement system.  Click on the “Contracts” button to view the results of solicitations that were entered via the P.O.R.T. system. 

Bid Results



  • Purchasing
  • Tara Galaydick
  • 2660 Riva Road, MD 21401
  • (410) 222-7620