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Aerial photograph appointments for multiple years of photos can be scheduled for Tuesdays and Thursdays and should  be made at least one week in advance. Detailed location information (such as tax map, block and parcel numbers, address, or ADC map location) and a site description is required when making appointments. 

How to Schedule

Please call (410) 222-7463 to schedule an appointment or use the following form:

Aerial Photograph Appointment Form

Appointees are asked to make every effort to be on time. We do not want to have photographs out for an extended period of time. No-shows must make another appointment. Copies may be certified on request.


Copies of photographs may be ordered and payment must be made at the time of the order. Black and white copies (up to 11 x 17) are $5.00; color copies (up to 11 x 17) are $6.00. 

Available Photographs

The years and scale of paper copies of photos available are as follows:
Photograph Years Available Scale
1952 1"=400'
1962 1'=1,000
1970 1'=1,000
1977 1'=1,000
1980 1'=1,000
1984 1" = 200', 1" = 800'
1988 1" = 600'
1990 1" = 600', 1" = 1,500'
1995 1" = 1,150'