Stormwater Management Property Tax Credit Program

Residential and commercial property owners may be eligible to receive a credit towards their County real property taxes for the recent installation of qualified stormwater management practices.  

Credit Amount:

  • The tax credit shall be 10% of the cost of materials and installation for making qualified improvements, this credit is not to exceed a total of $10,000 over the five-year life of the credit.  


  • The application must be submitted within 45 days of completion of qualifying improvements.
  • The credit cannot be combined with other tax credits.
  • The qualified improvements cannot be installed as a requirement in any State or local law.
  • The qualified improvements are included on the Department of Public Works’ list of approved devices for this program.

How to Apply:

  • Download and complete the Stormwater Management Tax Credit Application Form
  • Submit the application by email to or by mail to:
    • Anne Arundel County, Office of Finance
      Attn: Tax Credits
      PO Box 427
      Annapolis, MD 21404-0427
  • Tax credit applications are submitted to the Office of Finance and are reviewed by Department of Public Works staff.
  • The property owner will receive a written notification upon approval or denial of a submitted application.
  • If approved, the credit shall be effective beginning in the taxable year following submission and will be listed as a tax credit on the real property tax bill issued by the County. This tax credit is toward County real property taxes only.


  • Prior to a credit being approved, the practice(s) on the application will need to pass an inspection by County staff. In addition, the County has the right to inspect the practice during the life of the credit. 

County Code Reference:

Related - WPRF Fee Credit Program:

  • Properties with on-site stormwater management practices may also be eligible for a credit that will reduce their annual Watershed Protection and Restoration Fee (stormwater fee).