Central Records Section

The Police Department's Central Records Section provides professional service in processing and disseminating public records to the general public, other law enforcement agencies and persons of interest in a courteous and timely manner.

For Mutual Applicants Agency Checks

To find out the status of a possible mutual applicant for police officer, attach a waiver and send an email to: PDMutualapplicants@aacounty.org

Last Name, First Name / Last Four of SSN

Example: Smith, Jane   /   XX-5555

Central Records Fees

$5.00 Police report*/CAD notes
$35.00 Report retrieval (archived reports) 
$1.00 Color photo copy
$5.00 Photo CD
$25.00 911 Audio CD
$40.00 Audio/Photo/Video record
* Reports more than 20 pages and other records are charged $ 0.25 per page.

Reproduction and archive retrieval fees may apply.  
An additional hourly fee will be assessed for requests that require more than 2 hours to fulfil.  
Advanced payment may be required.

Personal/outside discs, drives or other media storage use is not permitted.